Saturday, November 18, 2006

Agriculture and Life in Rural America

As a Master Degreed individual from Texas A&M University and being displaced in the hills of Arkansas, I write under the pen name of Hillbilly-Willy. I relate to the folks in th Ozark Hills. They take life a little differently from some of the rest of the World.

In my real day job, i work with Ranchers, farmers and those who desire the rural life. many of these however, work hard, but paly hard also. Just like today in Arkansas. This is the opening day of duck season and the second weekend of modern gun deer season. Do you think these folks are out working with the cows. Heck no! They are in the woods and blinds doing what they work all week to afford. This is what we want here.

Let this site be one of real exchange about agriculture or rural living. Let this site also be about those things that we love to do in the rural lifestyle.

If you want to become a regular contributor. Post a comment and say in that comment you want to become a contributor. I will set you up and you can become a regular author on this. Site. Lets have fun and exchange great ideas.