Saturday, July 31, 2010

Book Room and Book Golf at

I am always looking for a great vacation that has great beaches or great golf and when you can find a vacation time that gives you both then that is an extra bonus.  Well surfing around and with a little investigation I have found a site on the internet that does just that.  The site I am referring to is

What is so great about this site is that it not only gives you a great place to book your golf in the Myrtle Beach area but you can book your accommodations for a place to stay right on the same sight.  This allows you to not go to one site and book a room and go to another site to book your golf.  No this site lets you search for the right Myrtle Beach golf courses and then search for a place to stay that will compliment the golf package.  How great is that.

So if you are searching around the internet for those great Myrtle Beach golf packages that exist, you will want to check out the site mentioned above.  This cuts down on the time searching and booking and gives you more time to get to your destination and start playing golf.

How great is all of this.  Great Golf and Great vacation all wrapped into one. 

Dogs Life in America!

Sometimes I think it would be great to be most dogs in America. Why is that? Well, lets review my dogs life.

  • Morning - get up and watch me fetch the paper.  When I come back in I give the dog a bone and food.
  • We leave for work and close dog in bedroom with dog door.  
  • Dog lays on bed and sleeps or walks outside and lays in the yard when it is cooler or stays in house with air conditioner if it is hot.
  • 5 pm.  We come home walk in and the dog brings us his away ball and we give the dog a bone and more food.
  • Dog wants to play - we walk outside and dog runs around the yard twice and we go back in and give the dog a bone.
  • Rest of the evening the dog lays on couch or floor in a cool place
  • 10 pm. WE go to bed and dog crawls up on bed and sleeps most of night.  - Yes - gave it a bone before bed.
I believe it is time someone gave me a bone and I got to sleep or do what I want to all day.

What do you think.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Brokerage Firm - Make Those Trades

It is something that many people use and that they find very useful.  It is a great way to invest and to do it with good knowledge behind what you are doing.  What am I talking about.  Well I am talking about using an Online Broker.  This is an easy way to get expert knowledge and have it readily available at all times.

Yes, I use an online broker and find it to be very useful and very convenient for doing things such as Online Trading, investing in and tracking Ira Accounts, Stock Trading, options and Mutual funds.  The thing about it is that it offers the things that a traditional broker offers but with more convenience.  One of those great conveniences is the idea that you can use their Mobile Trading convenience from anywhere that you have mobile phone service.

So if you want the convenience and great access to online trading you might want to check out companies such as

Check out online trading.  Those are my thoughts on this subject.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Illegal Aliens in America and Arizona

Obama going on Oprah when our Country has problems with immigration. 

What is wrong with this country.  The President is playing games while our country plunges deep into inequity.

If I rob a store it is illegal.  If I rob a store, which is illegal, I get put in jail and get punished.

If a person comes into this country without proper authority and documentation it is illegal.  If they come it and are illegal then they should do the time or get put out of the country.


Grande Shores - Myrtle Beach - Golf - Vacation!

Vacation! Vacation! Vacation! Can you tell that Vacation time is coming. It is running late this year and I am looking forward to going out when maybe things are a little cooler and maybe the golf ball is flying a little better.

Where to go is always a question. I have talked about and am considering trying to find a great Myrtle Beach hotel and it looks like a great place to look for that is . Yes, this would be a good place to look because I hear that Grande Shores is a great place.

Why would I go there? Why would I look for great Myrtle Beach vacation deals. Well, it has to do with great golf and great beach in the same location. Great golf satisfies me and great beach satisfies the wife. So, why not look for somewhere that satisfies both of us.

We can enjoy the best of both worlds. What is wrong with that picture. Nothing that I can see.

Vacation! Vacation! Vacation!

Monday, July 26, 2010

We Honor the Troops

We forget too soon. This really jerks a thought.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Shoes in America - Look Good!

What is Life in America without proper footwear to go with the proper clothing.  Men and women alike like to feel good and look good and many times this starts with the shoes that you wear on your feet.

Well, with great looking shoes such as those from old gringo you can step out and feel in style and look in style for those great parties with great looking boots.  Just look at the class and style in those boots.  Can you say HOT!

If boots are not your style then what ab out looking at the many high stepping shoes at miz mooz.
Yes, you can find great looking shoes there.  The thing about it is that even though I am a man, I know what good shoes look like.  Nothing sets off a nice looking women like the right shoes.  But, since I am a man I find myself wandering over to the shoes at sebago shoes

Yes, those are shoes that I can relate with.  I would look good in any of those and so would you.  So if it is shoes that you are into, check out the links on this site.  You will find something that says YOU!

Those are my thoughts for now.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Watching Golf in America

Golf is important to America.  We watch it.  We play it.  We talk about it.  Some of the biggest familar names are in it.

Why is it so talked about - Examples.

  • John Daly - Loudmouth Golf
  • Tiger Woods - Scandal
  • Phil Mickelson - Wifes cancer
  • Glen Day - Local Arkansas Boy
  • Roy McCelroy - young.
And many others - Golf is talked.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

I See the Horizon at Myrtle Beach!

I have mentioned many times before that I am thinking about a great vacation with a great beach and a great place to play fantastic golf. Where in the world do you think a person like me might find all of this in one place.  Well I believe that all of this can be found by going to a website such as

Yes, that is what I think I am going to do.   I believe that I am going to really get on line and get all the information that I can in finding the right Myrtle Beach hotel   and then go forward in making the great decision to get on the road and  check it out.  Nothing can that be wrong in the idea of  finding a great hotel and finding local and great golf and a beach resort and just get there and get with the plan.  Ready - Set - Go!

Well, the next question is which one of the many Myrtle Beach best hotels would I think would be the best.  Let me think about that one just a minute. Maybe the best one that I see research on is the Horizon.  Looks like a great place to stay and gets great reviews from its guests.  Yes, that is probably the choice for me.

Maybe you might want to check this out.  Looks like a great place to stay looks to me.

That is my thoughts for now.

Doctors in America

Where are we on a health plan. Yesterday the newspaper stated that their will not be enough doctors to see everyone who will have free health care when the uninsured items kick in.

This means that there will be many getting health care for things that are not necessary, they will get it for free and there will not be enough doctors to get the job done.

Sounds like we are moving forward. What will we do. Those who really need help may not get help because that do not need help will be getting help when there is not enough help to go around.

Did that make sense.

That is the way it is with life in America.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Spice Up your Life with a Great Spice Rack!

 They say that salt is the spice of life.  The only thing they don't tell you is how to store that spice and other spices.  

Just a little quip to talk about the fact that many people would like to have neat, different or just great functional spice racks.  These Kitchen spice racks may be in the form of a wall spice rack, a cabinet set of spice racks or it might just be a spice rack that looks good and makes you feel good when people see it.

This site at lets you purchase kitchen spice racks and spice rack accessories at excellent prices and be able to get these shipped quickly and free to your location.  This site gives you racks of every size, finish, style and material you can think of.

Some of the great features of this website is that they give you free shipping, a huge selection with different styles, excellent pages that give knowledge about the product and excellent customer service to assist your purchase.  You will also find exclusive products only found on this site and you will find that they give you a low price guarantee.

With all of this, how can you go wrong.

Check this out and you will know you made a good choice.

My thoughts for now.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

British Open

Well, it is not happening in America but there are a lot of Americans that are participating.

What is it that I am talking about.  Well, it is the British open.  Some of the notable names that are participating are:

Tiger Woods - most recently noted for his Sex Scandals
Phil Mickelson - most recently noted for his wife's cancer issues.
John Daly - most recently known for being a redneck - now and forever.

My vote would go to John Daly.  He is every man's man.  He has rock star status but yet he maintains his diet coke drinking, cigarette smoking, good old boy attitude.  Most everyone can identify with something in John

John, don't back off - show your stuff.  Fixing to tee off in about 10 minutes.. – Has your seat!

What do these three things have in common:

  3. Air Canada Centre Tickets

The thing that I see that they all have in common is that you have to buy tickets for each.  The question that I always have is how do you get the best price for the best tickets?   Do you buy them by phone?  Do you buy them online?  Do you go to the ticket office and stand in line?

Well, I believe that from everything that I know, I would go online to a great site called  In my research it appears that they have every ticket to every major event or show at every place that I might ever want to attend.

This sounds like a major brag but it also seems like a brag that they can pretty much fulfill.  Just check them out online and see if they might have the tickets that you want at good prices.

I believe that you will be pleasantly surprised and that is my thoughts about this.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Earthquake and Congress

Is Life in America complete without a good earthquake happening on the same day that Congress and the President or at least someone up there approves a massive financial reform for America.

It appears that they are acting like God again and trying to take away the rights of people to make money from great ideas. Instead they talk about it being scheming and underhanded if you make profit.

Therefore, they pass this reform and what happens next is the largest earthquake that has happened in that area.

Is that a coincidence or is it the fact that someone bigger than congress is trying to give a warning.

Who Knows?

Home Security in America

A couple of years ago I moved into a  different house.  The house is very nice and previously lived in.  We really enjoy the house.  However, we are in town and crime in a day of poor economy seems to be on the rise.  This gives me the thought that I need to be more concerned about security. 
Yes, the house was wired with like many houses and had been completed by a  homesecurityteam and it has lots of features but none of it is activated or being used.   In reviewing the current installed system myself, it is obvious that the system does not meet all of the police security tips that I have been hearing lately and all of  which I believe is important to a great security system.  Many of these tips came from the Fort Worth, PD  
So it is obvious that the things that I believe that I need to do as a responsible person to my family is to get these things checked out and get anything installed and activated that is truly needed.  

How do I go about doing this?  Well, I am approaching this in a very methodical way and in the very same way that I approach many of my needs on a daily basis.  I simply go to my computer and immediately search for the things that I need.  In this instance I am searching the internet for all of the sites that can tell me what I need in home security and also what companies provide that type of service that will give me what I want and need at affordable prices and good service.

Well, that is pretty much my entire  approach to the thought of home security.  Soon I hope to have completed my search and come up with companies and services that I will delve into and get my needs solved.  

That is my thoughts for now.  What are your thoughts?

Thursday, July 15, 2010

John Daly is life in America

What would life in America be without characters.  What type of character am I talking about? 

I am talking about Characters such as John Daly.  He is a redneck golfer who is making a push at the British open at St. Andrews Golf Course.

John Daly is a cigarette smoking, diet coke drinking redneck who can hit the heck out of a golf ball.  He is in the first few places after first day of tournament.

America would be better off if John could win.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I need Full Coverage Car Insurance - Cheap!

Ok.  I have several vehicles and one of the things that I am always looking for is a way to get cheap full coverage car insurance.  Now how to get the best auto insurance cheap is the next question.  I am always hearing great advertisements on television but I do not want to pick up the phone and call so it a whole lot easier to get online and check this out with comparisons and online shopping.

Well, I have decided that the best way to get the best deal is to compare, compare, compare.  Yes, if you want to know who has got the best rate, the best bargain or the best coverage on auto insurance the only way to tell is to lay all the deals side by side and make a comparison.  This type of comparison appears to be the best way for Willy or for anyone to get the knowledge that they deserve to find out who has those rates and discounts that get you the best price.

I went to the service and found there that I can compare by using my zip code at least three of the top names in Auto Insurance and find out what each has to offer along with the discounts available for the same coverage.  After checking that information, I feel very strongly that I know how to get the best auto insurance coverage.

Yes, I now know how to get cheap full coverage insurance!
The question that I have to ask is "Have you figured it out?"

If you have not figured it out - woe is you.  Because this could really save a person good money by knowing how to shop for good auto insurance on line and to get those best rates and discounts available.

Get with the program and get it done today.  I believe you will be glad you did.

America's Got Talent?

Watching the show stated in title.  My only question is all of this really talent.

Person under water drawing with chalk?

Group doing tap dancing and jogging around the stage?

A guy diving through fiery hoops and juggling fire - no fire - no talent.

A lady blowing a song through her clinched fist.

Maybe I have talent.  What do you think.

Monday, July 12, 2010

What are my TV Options?

My last blog was talking about how much time I seem to spend watching Television. As stated, it seems as I get older it is easier to find time to sit in my easy chair and watching TV than it is to get up and go do something.

Well, it is difficult sometimes ti find something good to watch, especially in the summer time. That is when I sometimes get into watching television specials. Some of the specials that I like to watch consist of sports such as golf and soccer.

The next thing that I am trying to figure out is where I can get the best service for the best Television specials. Right now I am on cable and I find that many cable specials are good but I do sometimes find that the special channels that I want are not always on cable.

Well, that would mean that I would be best served by Dish. With dish I understand that there are some major sports channels and therefore Dish specials could give me more variety with sports specials and programming.

So, maybe the best thing that I could do is to have cable and dish systems so that I could get all of the special channels and everyone of the specials that exist. That would be ideal for me. Yes if I could have a system that could have the ability to switch between cable and dish then I could obviously get every special that would be on television.  I could view it all.

If I had this in my house I would be fixed for life.  No more problems having something to watch.

Television in America

What has it come to. TV is something that I used to not watch much. However, now I find myself trying to find something to watch that will keep my attention.

The Closer
NCIS Marathon
NCIS regular
Law and order - Criminal intent
Law and Order - SVU
Two and one half men
Hot in Cleveland

What is on tonight.

My thoughts for now.

Sunday, July 11, 2010 - Scrubs in America

 Something and someone that is very important to Life in America is the health care field.  We are an aging society and we need our nurses, doctors and other professionals.  We also want these people to feel good and look good and they can do this by the types of clothing they wear usually referred to as scrubs.

 Most of these people I am referring to are in the medical field and wear medical scrubs.
Many times in the past these people wore something such as drab blue scrubs and scrub hats but in today's environment there are many more choices to look professional but look stylish also with spiffy medical uniforms and maybe even great scrub hats.  Don't we all feel better and have more zip when we look good.

That is why we would like our nurses to look good in a great looking nursing scrubs 

This is what you will find at     You will find great scrubs and great nursing and medical uniforms.  So if you are in that field or any field that requires this type of uniform, you need to check this out..

Saturday, July 10, 2010

kIing James and Miami Heat

Finally over and it is a fact. Lebron James is going to Miami.

Now Cleveland is busy burning their Lebron Jerseys and telling lies that they will win a title before Lebron does.

How many of you believe that. There is no way that Cleveland, who could not win a title with Lebron, will win one before Miami Heat does. Especially since Miami has loaded with some real stars to help Lebron.

Miami all the way - take the man child and win.

That is my thoughts now.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

The USA Network: More characters, less reality

Life in America sometimes uses a guest post- Here is a good post - Please read:

Posting compliments of Francisco Morales

While I appreciate several stations offered by my satellite TV provider, the one I could not live without is the USA network. I’m so glad I got one of the best satellite tv promotions in town. Not only does USA provide stellar original programming, the syndicated shows are almost all of top quality as well. If my television were to malfunction and get stuck on one channel, I'd pray that the channel was USA.

USA offers some of the best original programming on satellite TV today. Shows like Burn Notice starring the remarkable Jeffrey Donovan, Gabrielle Anwar, and the always great Bruce Campbell. The show is wall to wall action with some humor thrown in to allow us to catch our breath. The excellent In Plain Sight gives a peek into the witness protection program with the impressive talents of Mary McCormack and Frederick Weller as federal marshals devoted to protecting their witnesses. USA has proven they still have the magic with charming new shows such as White Collar and Royal Pains. As long as USA continues to roll out shows of this caliber they've got a fan in me.

The syndicated shows shown on USA are also only the highest quality. Shows that I never get tired of watching, such as: NCIS, House M.D, and Law & Order: SVU. It's no exaggeration when I say that some days my TV doesn't leave the USA network. It's just that darn good.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

King James

Ok. They say that King Lebron James is going to have a great one hour show tomorrow night. They say that his people has asked ESPN to join him as they put on a one hour show on which he will announce which team he will play for.

Will it be New York? Will it be Orlando? Will it be Chicago? Will he stay in Cleveland.

My question is how will he turn this into an hour long show. Will he pull the stunts that High School kids going to college pull when they have two hats in front of them and finally pick up one and put it on.

Will Lebron have a hat for each team in the NBA and spend an hour reaching for a different one and then finally when the hour is over he will pick up one and put it on and that is who he will play for.

Get the nonsense over. Lets find out who he will play for and then those of us who don't really care can get back to real sports.

Just my thoughts for now.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Tackle the Introduction of the Internet with Your Kids

Post from mommy blogger Linda Houston

Having satellite internet installed by our satellite internet provider Wisconsinconnection in my home was one of the best choices I’ve ever made. I loved having the world at my fingertips and the fact that I was able to get a majority of my work done at home. I really never was able to see a downfall until my kids started to ask to go on. My first instinct was to simply tell them, “no,” but I knew that would only work for so long. Eventually I was going to have to introduce the world of the wild blue broadband internetto my kids, as scary as that thought seemed to be at the time.

The first step for younger kids is to let them know that they will not be allowed to use any social networking sites until they are older. If they complain, simply let them know that these sites are not safefor young kids because predators use them to find their next victim. Educate your kids and tell them some horror stories about children that were hurt because they ran into the wrong person online. You should also teach them what a trusted site is and where to find them. Also let them know that if at any point they become scared or freaked out by something that they’ve run into on the internet, they should tell you right away. Keep the lines of communication open and you will have a fine transition.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Days off - What to Do

Ok! 4th of July is over yesterday and all of the firecrackers are popped and all of the celebrations are over. All of the hot dogs, all of the hamburgers and all of the ice cream is eaten. We still have today off.

The question is - What do we do. Is this a day to rest and zone out on the couch.

Is this a day to do the yard - woops did that Saturday.

Is this a day to mosey around shopping - not sure that sounds like fun.

Is this a day to go fishing - may be too hot.

What is today for.

By the way - have tomorrow off also.

What to do! What to Do!

Rain Chains in America

Life in America is not without the discovery of things that are new.  At least things that are new to me.  What have I found that is new to me today?  Well the item I am looking at today is a  rain chain .  Have you heard of this one?  Here is what I have found out about these rain chains .

A gutter rain chain is a decorative down spout from your guttering system that does the same function of a traditional down spout but does it in a much more beautiful manner.  This can be done in many ways such as copper rain chains, garden rain chains and even oriental type Japanese rain chain.  

What is great is that all of these types of rain chains can bring attention to your home and garden area.  Whether it is a copper rain chain, a garden rain chain or just a simple gutter rain chain, people will talk about what they see and will find interest in your home because of this unique idea.  

So if you are tired of the same old guttering system or if you want to do something different for decoration you should try out this rain chain idea. 

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Tiger - Tiger - Where are you!

Many people are asking - Where is the real Tiger Woods - Will he return to glory as golf's greatest player.

Tiger finished a tournament today and out of 71 players he ended up tied for 46th.  This was 14 strokes behind the leader.  In Tiger Woods terms this is almost disgraceful.  Is his problem the fact that his wife and he are possibly in the middle of the divorce.  Is his problem that his wife is going to get a 7 million dollar settlement.

No one knows what is in Tigers head.  It is obvious at this time that it is not golf.

Tiger - Tiger - Where are you?

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Life in America - Different parts of the Nation

Travels across this great land brings out differences between different areas of our great country.  These differences may be real drastic or they may be very small.  Here are some of the things that I have noticed.

We live in the south.  In the south you see houses with many outdoor planters and predominant garden planters.  You can drive down a street and you may see a large planter on front porches and many of these planters are decorative planters that are almost like art rather than just planters.

Then a year or so ago we went to the East Coast and traveled around some.  There we found a different thing going on.  It was very picturesque in the houses and the way they were built.  Many of these "doll house" type houses had something that you do not see in the South very much.  The thing that they had different were window box planters.  These were some times plane planters and sometimes these may be a high end planter.  They were very pretty and very decorative.  This was exciting to see this difference.

So if you are traveling, watch the houses and the architecture displays and see what you see differently from your local area.  It is not only interesting but some times revealing on things that might be done with your own area.

My thoughts for now.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Vacation in America

Still trying to decide about a short vacation.  Where should I go. 

Thinking Niagara Falls but not sure how that would be to fly in and stay for about three days in the area.  May try that for two days and then drive through New York state a day or two to see the country.  We would then fly back out.

Sounds like a plan but not sure when and if it will come together.  Got to work on it to make it so.

That is my thoughts for now.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Watches, Functional and Stylish

Life in America is all about looking good each and everyday.  One of the best ways to do this is to have something such as a great looking jacques lemans watch.  They used to say you could tell a lot about a man by the watch that he wears.  This type of watch would say WOW.

Well, if you don't own a cool watch you should get one.  Where you going to get this cool watch at.  Maybe you should look at where you can easily navigate and find all kinds of cool watches, functional watches, or just about any watch you might want.  So you go to this site and find a great watch.  What do you do then.

Well then it is time to find out all of the details that you might want to know by clicking on any of the tabs across the top.  All of the info you need is right there.  Move through the process and then proceed to getting a great watch for a great price.

I guess the last thing to say is simply, how great is all of this and do you have a jacques lemans watch

My thoughts for now.

Fireworks - and the 4th

Life in America is all about fireworks on the 4th of July.  People shooting them everywhere.  Many towns and cities ban them in the City but that does not stop many people from shooting them off.  They are everywhere.

Many people do not really understand that we have the freedoms that we have, including the freedom to shoot fireworks, because many people over the years have fought and died so we can have that freedom.  The 4th is to me the ultimate of that freedom.  The celebration of the birth of this great nation.  The birth of the right to have this freedom.

Shoot the fireworks but make sure that you understand why.

My thoughts for now.