Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Magic Loans - Great site for Home Loans!

Home Loans appears to be something that almost everyone needs. It is not likely that anyone these days except for the extremely wealthy have the ability to buy a home without the use of some financing.

That is where a site like MagicLoans comes into play. This appears to be a great resource for this type of search. They appear to have many options and great flexibility in matching individuals up with home loans.

Even with that they give options in Home Owner Loans, consolidation loans, and secured loans.

Looks like a great site. Maybe you should try it if you are in the home loan market.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Favorite Season is Autumn

I moved to Arkanas about 15 years ago from West Texas where there were no trees, and very little rain. I moved to Arkansas where there are many trees and much rain.

Not sure that I liked this situation until the first fall rolled around. We took a trip to Branson with a church group. On the way to Branson you go through the town of Harrison.

Well, the church bus driver decided to take us on a detour through a cemetery in Harrison. None of us knew why until we drove into the entrance. Outlining about a quarter mile of the cemetery drive were sugar maple trees. They had changed colors and the evening sun that was setting made them glow as if they were afire.

This is what I like about Arkansas - Fall is a great time of year here!

My thoughts for now!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Sales Training Promotion and

I guess you haven't ever heard of before? This company was set up about three years ago as a plumbing training company. They have places all throughout the UK.

Well now they are expanding their business to try to help those plumbers interested in sales and how they could enhance their business. An expansion like this will include Sales Training which I understand is a very popular thing in this line of work.

If this is something that you would like to learn more about, of if this type of Sales Training interests you or if you would like to learn more about about this company, visit their site today!

You be glad you did.

Weather, Age, Life!

The weather outside is wet and cold. I love the cold weather and I dont mind rain if I can stay inside. However, the last couple of days have been about 48 degrees and misty rain.

I dont remember that bothering me so bad last year and the year before that. I dont remember if it really got that cold last year. I dont remember if when I was 30 and living in the Panhandle of Texas if it really bothered me.

I do remember my first house. Nice small three bedroom house in Amarillo, Texas. Nothing between there and the north pole except a barb wire fence and most of the strands were down on that. Well, we moved in in about November and all was well. Newly married and life was good.

Then came January. The temperature in the month of January never got above freezing. The house was heated by a floor furnace in the living room. No other heat in the house as I remember. (I have already established that my memory is not too good!) You could stand on the floor furnace in bare feet and not burn your feet.

The house became miserably cold. We would come home from work - turn on the kitchen stove as high as it would go and cook some supper. As soon as the meal was over - and the house was still freezing, the only way to keep warm was to run to the bedroom and jump under the electric blanket and watch tv the rest of the evening.

Did I say we were newly weds?

My thoughts for now~

Data Recovery Compare!

Did you ever lose data on your computer.

Did you ever have issues with knowing if your information you are sending out is secure.

Well, fear no more. You need to check out Data Recovery RAID . They can help you discover the right direction to go!

So when you experience a data loss, it is important to make an informed decision and select a trusted data recovery specialist that you can depend on to send your storage media and valuable data.

This website offers service for those who loose data on computers, servers hard drives, RAID, flash drives, CD, and all other media. They can connect companies that provide Data Recovery Service with Individual and businesses that need to recover data.

It should also be emphasize that it is very easy to be fooled by scammers, who can setup phony website and pretend to be a data recovery company. And you may send your data in to the wrong hands. Rather than recovering data at that point you then have a bigger problem.

Think about it, we all know about protecting our SSN, we think our credit cards are safe when we use extra protection level with 3rd password, or whatever other idea credit company comes up with, but in a second we can mail out ALL personal info, to a criminal.

By searching for Data Recovery Provider on this website you at least know that you will deal with a respected vendor. You will receive 6 quotes, which you can compare and save money.

Data Recovery process Should be SAFE process. It is if use Data Recovery RAID

Pets - Are they Wonderful?

I am pet friendly. I was raised however that pets should remain outside and not in the house. Over the years, I have learned to enjoy a nice small dog in the house. The last two have been Weimeraners. Oh! Did I say small.

Yes, a dog can be great company.

Yes a dog can be loyal and lay at your feet as if you are a king or queen.

Yes a dog can fetch and play and give you all kinds of fun - even when they really dont feel like playing.

Yes a dog can give unconditional love!

Yes a dog can be destructive and really mess up things and make you mad and make you want to hit them and make you want to scream at them and make you mad.

How did all of that get into this site. Guess?

My thoughts for now!

Procore Construction Project Management Tool

Have you seen the Procore Online Construction Project Management tool. If you have anything to do with construction an project management you have to check this out. In my job as a construction lender I inspect a lot of construction projects. It would be great if the builders etc would use a site like this to manage their projects.

With this they could easily show me where they were at on any project. Great site check it out!

Here is what they have to say about themselves:

Procore makes a hosted construction project management tool. Hosted delivery means that project data can be accessed from any Internet connection, and Procore's software as a service (SaaS) is affordable for all types and sizes of builders and contractors. Easy to learn, simple to use. Keep all members of the construction project team on the same page with Scheduling, fax and email Communications, RFIs, Change Orders, Punch Lists, Documents, Images and more.

Get Started Fast:
Because Procore is a web-based application, a builder or contractor can get a project up and running in a few hours, instead of going through the painful implementation process often required by older, client-server applications. No consultants, no training classes -- get up and running in minutes.

No Per-User Costs:
Procore is sold using a flat per-project monthly fee, so that builders and contractors can have as many project team members as they want, without paying per user costs.

Try Before You Buy:
Procore lets users try out their program with a "110% money-back guarantee and risk-free" trial -- meaning you can use Procore for up to 30 days on an actual construction project, and if you're not happy with it, you get 110% of your money back.

Procore is one of the most complex Ruby-on-Rails applications on the market, and is currently serving more than 150 client accounts and managing over 400 construction projects. The Ruby version of Procore launched in May of 2007, and has led to explosive growth in paying customers for the company. Procore uses Amazon's S3 service for archiving customer images and documents, allowing Procore to allow unlimited data storage by its customers.

Procore Online Construction Project Management it is the way to go!

Help Google Help!

This is a post from one of my other blogs. However, it relates to this blog also. This blog was built to a Google Rank of 2 and has stayed there. I manage and operate this blog much as I do my other two. However, they have dropped to no ranking and a 0 rank. I don't understand. However here is what I have to say about that:

Somebody help me. For the life of me I can't find any reason why my site went from a Google Page Rank 3 to appearing like it is not being ranked at all. Sitemeter shows that Google is finding my site and many hits are from Google searches.

However, just in the past three or four weeks I have gone from Pagerank 3 to grayed out - no page rank. It is as if Google has banned me.

Please Google - What did I do. I am only a poor boy trying to supplement a little income by putting Pay Per Posts on my blog. Payperpost is good. It does not hurt you Google.

Why is that a crime. It couldnt be that I started working with Amazon to sell stuff. I was already banned before that.

Why Google - what is the problem. I go to your statistics. Your webcrawlers are crawling successfully. I go to your search engines - I come up on top for many searches.

I also support you Google. I use you for everything of knowledge. Except the knowledge of "WHY GOOGLE WHY! - YOU WONT ANSWER THAT QUESTION."

What have I done. PayPerpost uses your rankings to give me valuable posts to advertise. You have taken me from getting $10-$30 posts to having available only $5 posts. Yes on a good day now, I might get lucky and get a $6.00 post. I went from being able to do $300 - $400 per month to squeeking by on $150 - $200 per month.

Monster Google - You are costing me money. Tell me why you have me by the throat. Tell me that you will release me.

Yes Google at least give me an email address or a phone number or a help screen that will give me a clue.

Help - I am out of air. Please Google -- Turn me Loose.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

time 4 sleep - check out these great oak beds!

Check out time4sleep. They are launching a new dedicated Oak Bed Collection on their website.

Who are they. They are a UK based bed company who currently specialize in leather beds, but they do sell almost every type of bed. The company says that they do very well in their target search engine (google uk) where they are position 1 for their 3 main sectors (leather beds, wooden beds, childrens beds). However they say that their customers are asking them to expand their range of products and they are responding.

Oak is the first of many lines to be extended. You can take a look at their Oak Bed Collection amd see that they are truly expanding into another great line of products.

Here is what they say:

Discover the beauty of an oak bed frame. From the latest contemporary platform bed, to high foot end oak beds we are sure to have something to please from light oak to rich deep dark oak finishes we have an extensive range of oak beds which are sure to capture your imagination.

Working All Day - Just to Make a Living?

Ronnie Milsap says it best in his song:

Well all day long while I'm working in town
Time slows down to a crawl
hen I'm not thinking about you
I'm checking the clock on the wall
Then it's goodbye factory and hello loving
here's a smile across my face
Cause I'm back in the arms of your sweet love
Where my thoughts have been all day.

Well, here it is at the end of the day and yes I am back at home in my sweet wife's arms. The only difference in the song is that some days we are wishing our lives away.

I wish it were Friday!
I wish it were Thanksgiving!
I wish I could retire!

The real truth is I wish I could quit wishing away my life and just look forward to right now!

The evenings truly are the joyous part of the life even though - it is more being at home in the comfort of my sweet loves presence and just enjoying the fact that we are here together.

Life is better than we think it is! If we would just quit wishing it away and try to enjoy it.

But after days like today, that is a little difficult

My thoughts for now!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Welcome to Pleasure Beach, Blackpool

I had never thought about the idea of going to something like Theme Park UK .

But here is what I discovered.

There's plenty to do at Pleasure Beach, with over 125 rides and attractions and spectacular shows. You can ake a thrilling ride on the Pepsi Max Big One, turn your world upside down & get ready to do it again on the Revolution or experience the classic twin tracked coaster the Grand National. Plus your wristband will gain you entry to one of their superb shows.

Blackpool (UK) has the UK's oldest theme park which is also one of the UK's biggest tourist attractions.

Check out the pictures below. These are taken of the park. Makes you want to go doesn't it?

If you are in the UK this should be a destination. As stated earlier, they have some of the UK's and the worlds best rides as voted for by visitors. The Pepsi Max Big One, Infusion, Big Dipper are all world famous and attract of 6 million visitors each year.

Here we come =- get out of the way!

Visit the Bar E Ranch

I ran into a friend that I would like ya'll to meet. it Is Tom Bob over at Cowboy Cooking. He is a great guy - has a great web site - and has some great products to look at.

Tom Bob is big into the Cowboy Way of Life. Check him out by clicking on the logo below! Sign his guest book and tell him Hillbilly Sent you!

10-4 Willy

Score helps Children Learn

Find an Innovative Tutor at score. This is one of the most dynamic and meaningful ways that a parent can help a child to learn. Visit Score and find out how your child can be helped. After studying this I believe it would have been a great help in my daughters learning career. She is grown now but this would have been a way to make learning easier and more efficient.

Find out how Score Learning centers help children ages 4 to 14 make significant academic progress in an Innovative Tutoring environment.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Cool Animation

Breaking News!

This morning, from a cave somewhere in Pakistan, Taliban Minister of Migration, Mohamed Omar, warned the United States that if military action against Iraq continues, Taliban authorities will cut off America's supply of convenience store managers, And if this action does not yield sufficient results, cab drivers will be next, followed by Dell and AOL Customer service representatives and Motel 6 managers.

Folks... It's getting ugly!

Uptown Saturday Night in St. Augustine Florida!

Events in St. Augustine Florida are soon coming to life because it is soon to be the last Saturdays in October and November and the focus is going to be on the incredible antique shopping opportunities available in the Nation’s Oldest City. On those evenings, the antique district concentrated along San Marco Avenue comes to life with lively street music and endless opportunities to shop for antiques, rare books – even authentic Spanish treasure.

During this monthly event, participating antique dealers provide great workshops covering a variety of antique related topics, book stores provide readings and book signings by local authors, and art galleries feature exhibit openings of some of the finest Florida artists.

Also, only a short walk away, are additional antique discoveries which can be made along Aviles Street – the oldest street in America. Galleries, antique stores and unique shops between Ripley’s Museum and the Mission of Nombre de Dios remain open during this special time. Meet the artists, go to book signings and enjoy live music, refreshments and other events in the party-like atmosphere.

A favorite end-of-the-month event, Uptown Saturday Night takes place from 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm the last Saturday in October and November.

The Mission of Nombre de Dios provides FREE PARKING for Uptown Saturday Night and each participating shop features an open house with wine and refreshments that add to the festive night time atmosphere.

Man I got to go there! Why? Because I love antique books. This sounds like the place where these would be a treasure.

Now, how do I get to Florida from here! Got to figure that one out!

Monday and Divine Appointments

We never know what each day will bring us. It often would seem that each day, especially Monday is predicated on what is leftover from Friday. Many times Friday was hectic and things that should have gotten done never got touched.

Well, this could always be the case and we could let the fact that we have those leftovers give us an attitude of dread for Monday. But the truth of the matter is that I believe the things that the day brings is predicated more on our attitudes. If I start with a dread of Monday and with the expectations of issues of the things left over from Friday, then I find that Monday is usually a tough day.

However, if I simply thank God for the fact that I have opportunities on Monday to take care of those issues and realize that there are divine appointments each and everyday that are given to me, then Monday is not such a bad day.

The attitude must be "thank you Lord for today." "Help me to recognize those divine appointments that you give me and help me make each and everyone I come in contact have a realization of you, because they see you in me!"

My thoughts for now!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Portable Scanner -Scanshell 2000N

If you are looking for a portable scanner you need to check out the Scanshell 2000N Pictured below:

This is what they say about their Scanner:

The ScanShell 2000N (2000NR) portable scanner is the ideal A4 color scanner for the busy professionals and executives. This lightweight and convenient scanner is powered using only the USB 2.0 port. The ScanShell 2000N (2000NR)is conveniently carried along with a laptop and requires a minimal footprint on the desktop.

Our portable scanner enables users to fax, email and organize all of business documents, with the "touch of a button". The ScanShell 2000N's (2000NR)capability and versatility provides the perfect imaging solution for today's on-the-go professional.

Digital-imaging technology took a significant leap forward with the introduction of ScanShell 2000NR portable scanner. The newest member of ScanShell family and the industry's first 600 dpi high resolution truly portable scanner that interfaces to any standard USB port. The 600 dpi resolution provides the high quality of output for photo scanning and the better OCR quality.

The ScanShell 2000N (2000NR) portable scanneris a lightweight (14oz/390g) mobile scanner that requires no external power adapter. Its USB 2.0 port connection feature allows for a fast and easy one-cable hook up to your notebook or desktop PC and the unique "launch" button starts your imaging application instantly.

Here is what I have to say about it:

This scanner looks awsome. It is a lightweight (14oz/390g) portable scanner. It is an A4 sheet-fet scanner. It uses USB 2.0 port connection - and there is no external power needed. It has a high resolution 600 dpi and great color. It is a fully mobile small print document scanner. It is TWAIN compliant.

What more could you want? I can't think of anything but if you can - I bet it does it.

Check it out at Scanshell Or check out any of their products at Scanshell Store.

You'll be glad you did!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Huckabee - Will He Crash after Playing Surf Ballroom?

As many of you have heard and as is aptly reported at the Cyclone Conservatives Blog Governor Huckabee has raised the bar in Fund raising. He and his band Capital Offense are giving a concert to raise money.

Here is the interesting part - The concert is at the Surf Ballroom which is the place where Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, and Big Bopper played their last gig before dying in a plane crash near by.

The question here - is this destiny - after this gig - Will Huckabee's campaign go down in flames like the Buddy Holly Plane crash.?

Or has it already flamed out?

Friday, October 12, 2007

Why, What, When, Where and Who?

New video recorder toy
Old home videos
memories galore

Why did I take that one?
What year was that?
When could that be?
Where were we in this one?

Who is that?

Memories - past!
Memories - refreshed!
Memories - remembered!
Memories - forgotten!
Memories - still to be made
! - Fun and games!

Have you seen online game show which is great to play. I have joined and am trying to win a great prize. The players get to decide. Here is what they say about their site.

WhoGets offers contests for great prizes – electronics, appliances, DVDs, clothing, and much more … and our contests have a fun twist! Most sweepstakes randomly select a winner through some boring old computer program. WhoGets makes contest more fun – we let you decide who wins!

Anyone can enter our contests. All you need is a free WhoGets membership (sign up now!). Once you’re registered, find a prize you’d love to win and enter the contest. If you make it to the semi-final round, you get to post a statement telling all the other WhoGets members why you should be the one to win.

Then, be sure to check out all the other contests, and vote for your favorite contestant!

WhozNews is a place for members to share articles, stories, blog posts, and more. Check out the content submitted by other members, and if you come across an article you like, give it a “Get.” A Get is like a vote. The stories with the most Gets move up to the top of the page.

Get over there and sign up now - its fun- and you might be chosen by the players to win!

Friday Saturday Sunday

Friday comes -
I can't wait
Casual dress
Get my desk straight
Plan for next week
Dont be late!

Saturday is here
Get the chores done
When they are complete
Meet the kids
Enjoy -have a little fun

Sunday makes it
Worship and rest
The new week waits
Another Test!

Give me strength Lord to tackle those things that you have given me to do!
And I give you all the glory!

Cruise the Shore of Beaver Fork on Cruiser!

What a great gift it would be to get cruiser bicycles for all of the employees for Christmas. Christmas is coming you know and these things would be great to cruise on the shore of Beaver Fork or any of the other great shores in the great state.

Why wouldn't anyone want this great looking cruiser below.

Check it out! This company has great beach cruisers at low prices. Executive gifts! Employee gifts! Gifts for the kids! Gifts for the wife! A gift for yourself.

You cant beat it!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Backroads, GPS, UPS and Me!

It was going to be a calm day, a typical day in which I was going to go look at a piece of real estate that I was to make a loan on. The land was in the northwest section of my territory. An area that most would say was in the "boonies". It was actually a great piece of hunting ground in the Ozarks of Arkansas.

I was to view the land at about noon - take about an hour and then move on to a loan closing that was in the southeast part of my territory. Needless to say, the shortcut method of getting from the "boonies" back to the civilized area for a loan closing seemed to be the best method. One in which it appeared it would be relatively easy to complete in the alloted time frame.

Well, to acomplish this task, I had along with me my trusty Garmin GPS. I had told it my route and expected nothing but perfection in traveling the backroads.

I left the boonies at about 1:00 pm about 15 minutes later than I attended. I set in motion the GPS tracking. It began to lead me like a pro to my final destination.

Or was it?

The paper map had indicated that I could have back traveled about 7 miles on the dirt road, taken a highway about 4 miles and then headed south on a fairly well traveled small highway for about 40 miles to my final destination.

But wait the trusty GPS idicated I could save a great deal of time by not back tracking but taking the dirt road only a few miles further down and soon hook up with a smaller highway that would eventually take me to my destination.

I took the trusty route of the GPS!

I drove and drove and drove on a rough secluded back country road. The GPS beeped to turn here and turn there.

But where is the highway I complained! I surely will get to it soon. Oh-Well! I am heading in the right direction. I have to get there eventually.

But why does it seem that I am probably traveling on a rough dirt road at about 10 miles an hour in a paralell line to the perceived highway - surely it is over there a mile or two.

Am I ever going to get there?

But wait! Up ahead! There are 3 four wheelers with hunters beside the road. I will stop and ask them to get any local directions. That seems best thing to do. Besides it seems that my trusty GPS might need a little help.

Slowing to a stop, I yell sir how are you today? Fine I guess he yelled back. Especially since someone has come along. Can you tell me how to get back to the nearest town. We seem to be in the middle of nowhere and we are lost.

Well, my heat skipped a beat. This is really good. I stop to get directions and my direction givers are lost. Dont Panic - Look in the rearview mirror! There is a vehicle with someone in it that knows how to get everywhere!

It is a UPS truck. Not wanting to look lost myself, I excused myself and said, He can surely give you good directions. Have a nice day!

My plan, as my heart beats rapidly, is to drive just ahead of the UPS truck and if there comes a fork in the road tha I dont understand I will pull off and let him proceed on and then follow. He will get me back to the real world.

A few miles up the road - there it is the dreaded fork in the road. I pull over and act like I am getting something out of my eye. My GPS says turn left! The UPS truck goes by and turns to the right!

What I yelled - Decisions to be made! By Golly I paid good money for this GPS and I am going to trust it. Lets go left.

My heart beats faster as the road grows smaller and rougher. The only house for miles has an old man sitting on the front porch. Is that a banjo in his hand! Did I hear dueling banjos! Are they just waiting for me?

Wait - that makes no sense. There are no communities within miles of here but yet there is a grave yard with several newly dug graves. Keep driving dont stop or I might be the next one in the hole.

Look another house! Two young men are sitting on the tailgate of an old rundown ford truck. Oh my goodness! There eyes are too close together and they give me a great big grin as I go by.

But wait! Maybe all is ok. The GPS finally indicates the main highway is just ahead. It is about time. It has been about 45 minutes since I split with the UPS truck. It has been a loong 45 Minutes.

Yes! There is the highway I was looking for. I knew my GPS would get me there! But wait. What is that up ahead. Looks like a small country cafe with a UPS truck in front of it.

It is the same UPS truck I saw 45 minutes ago. Look the driver is coming out of the Cafe picking his teeth. How could that be. Wait a minute. That is the road coming out over there that the UPS driver took at the fork in the road. And look, I can see where the other road that I took 45 minutes ago forked off! Just about a quarter of a mile down the road.

Thank you trusty GPS! Maybe I should give you to the UPS driver so that he can find his way home!

Storage Solutions from

Do you need some storage solutions that will help you clear out that garage clutter?

Then you need to check out . These folks carry over 1,000 products to make the garage another room in your house. Decide what it is that clutters your garage and know that has the products that will give you that storage solution that you need. What is it you need a storage solution is it crafts and hobbies? Kids toys? Big kid toys...? Gardening stuff? What do you have that needs a storage solution?

Look no more has that solution.

Check it out!

Monday, October 8, 2007

Pumpkin Seed Crackle

This crunchy and healthful confection tastes better than peanut brittle--plus it’s a whole lot easier on the teeth, (assuming that you are not like Hillbilly Willy and you have some teeth)
and has more nutritional value! (does that mean it will make you fat?)

The gorgeous amber color makes it as pretty to look at as it is mouth-wateringly delicious to eat.
SIMPLE SOLUTION: Pumpkin Seed Crackle makes a gorgeous gift wrapped in cellophane or presented in a pretty tin. (Willy picked up that beautiful line from Juanita down at the Possum Grit Road Kill Diner and Cantina)


2 cups hulled pumpkin seeds
1/2 teaspoon vegetable oil
1 teaspoons salt
2 cups sugar
1 1/3 cups water
1 cup dark corn syrup
1 1/2 tablespoons unsalted butter

1. Butter an 11- by 17-inch baking sheet and set aside. Toss the pumpkin seeds with vegetable oil and then transfer them to a large, heavy-bottomed skillet. Toast over medium heat, stirring constantly, until the seeds crackle and pop and become light golden, about 10 minutes. Stir in the salt. Cool on a clean baking sheet.

2. In a large, heavy saucepan over medium heat, mix the sugar, water, and corn syrup, stirring until the sugar dissolves, about 3 minutes. Increase the heat to high and oil without stirring until the mixture registers 290F on a candy thermometer, 30 to 45 minutes.

3. Remove from the heat and quickly stir in the toasted pumpkin seeds and butter until just combined and the butter melts. Immediately pour the mixture onto the buttered baking sheet and spread evenly with the back of a spoon. Allow the candy to cool on a rack until hard.

4. Flex the baking sheet, loosen and remove the candy, break it into pieces, and store in an airtight container in a cool place or in the freezer.

Makes about 2 pounds.

10-4 Willy

Sunday, October 7, 2007

The International Community Needs a Conscience

Check out this article at

Right on Target!

Response to "Aging" by Panhandle Poet

Panhandle Poet has expressed some thoughts aging.

I decided to take his points and express my views using the same topics.

On Aging -
My Activism turns to Apathy simply because some of the things that I was so animate about turn to things that have lesser importance as I age. Activism now is at a slowere pace.

A Cause -
Similar to my activism - When I was a child I thought and spoke as a child - now that I am older the things of youth are but a memory

Ruthless Energy -
Turns to need for vitamins so that I have energy to talk about past exploits. I am still creating current exploits - just at a slower pace. I will have to have recent exploits so that I can remember them as I get older. I am not dead just a little slower!

Dreams -
Many of them are now a reality - many are dreams still to come true-dreams change daily as maturity increases

has already grown to middle-age To some I am already elderly
The judge of my wisdom is left to those that know me.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Willy - Secretary of Agriculture for Texas Fred!

What a privilege it is!

I have been nominated by Texas Fred to be a member of his cabinet in his bid for the Presidency.

I have the privilege in the fact that the original name of my site was Agriculture in America - Since changed to Life in America - as Secretary of Agriculture.

I am a little upset however and would like to make a pitch that as editor in Chief of the blog -
Hillbilly Willy that I didn't get Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. Nobody knows doublewides, polyster curtains, and suburban development like Willy does.

Also, Willy is the author of the blog Arkansas -
A great Place to Live. And we all know that Arkansas is the great home of Ms. Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, and Mike Huckabee. What better credentials does Willy need than that to be at Least VP under the Great Texas Fred. Also, I originated in Fred's Home state of Texas. GREAT QUALIFICATIONS FOR WHATEVER!


Here is his list for Cabinet Members:

Vice President: American and Proud
Sec. of Defense: Long Live the Republic
Sec. of State: Jenn of the JungleS
ec. of Education: LittleOleLady
Sec. of Agriculture: Agriculture in America
Dept. of Justice: Bloviating Zeppelin
Dept. of Energy: The Ranando Report
Sec. of Transportation: American Truckers at War
Dept. of Energy: Radioactive Liberty
Veterans Affairs: Charming, Just Charming
Homeland Security: Big Dog’s Weblog
Housing and Urban Development: Big White Hat
Treasury: Isn’t it Rich
Dept. of Labor: Demediacratic Nation
Health and Human Services: ARRA News Service
Dept. of the Interior: Planck’s Constant
U.N. Ambassador: YID With LID
Press Secretary: Basti Says
Presidential Adviser: Isn’t it Rich (My Rove)

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Forget Santa, CouponChief is here to help!

When he holiday season rolls around I start thinking about all of the things that I would like to buy for my family and friends. Then I began to realize what the price tag on all of these items will tally up to be and I get a little concerned. I start looking for solutions.

That is when I began to think if there is a way that coupons could help reduce the price of the things I would like to buy. Well, this is when I go to the internet to search --and yes I found a great site for coupons for my favorite purchases.

Think about it.. halloween is coming and I might decorate up the yard with goulish type items. Where would be a better place to buy these and save money than target coupons . I can probably find costumes, pumpkin lights, freaky statues and more at target.

Then along comes Christmas. My daughter is into clothes and would probably appreciate something from the Gap. Well, what about Gap coupon codes that save me money on the cloths. Great idea - right?

Well, daughter and son-in- law would also like some electronics. Here we go again - expensive items made cheaper by going to the Dell Sight on CouponChief and getting Dell Coupons. What a way to go!

And then there is that new Video Camera or Plasma TV that all of us want. So, what should I do? Lets go to CouponChief and find a store and use something like Best Buy Coupons to get the job done. Monday Night Football in HDTV here we go!

How can you go wrong by checking out CouponChief!

Monday, October 1, 2007

Carnival of the Recipes: The Quotable Cook Edition

Check out this weeks Carnival of the Recipes. Some good recipes here!

I have nothing in it this week.