Saturday, January 30, 2010

Dream Dollhouse

I built a dollhouse several years ago. My dollhouse was built from scratch from a pattern I received from a friend. The dollhouse was difficult to build, for you see I am not a real handy man. However, the dollh0use was to be a gift for someone special.

Many days I spent out in the garage working with tools that defeat my abilities. Many days I became frustrated as I had to take something apart and start over again because it was not quite right. For you see this dollhouse was for someone special. It needed to be perfect.

The days went on and the dollhouse gradually came together. The dollhouse became a mission that I would not let defeat me. I had to get this dollhouse done. For you see it was for someone very special.

The dollhouse was complete now. My wife helped me put carpet on the floors and wallpaper on the walls. Now it was time to find dollhouse accessories to complete the project. For you see this dollhouse had to be something special because it was for someone special.

The dollhouse was finished along with dollhouse accessories I was very proud of this because as you know it was for someone very special.

Well, that was about 20 years or so ago and that special dollhouse sets in the attic taken apart to be stored as well it can be. Yes, it did see a few years of play and decorating by that special daughter that it was so lovingly built far. She enjoyed it very much and my wife and I enjoyed watching her play with it.

Yes, that was about 20 years ago and that special daughter that it was so lovingly built for now is away from home, married and living in her special little dollhouse with hopes of someday having that precious child - a grandchild to adorn our presence.

Maybe it will be a little girl and that dollhouse can come out of the attic and get some fresh paint on it and be renewed with the initial love that it was given for that special little girl that is all grown up now.

My thoughts for now.

Friday, January 29, 2010

President Wants to Work with Republicans?

I watched some of the Presidents banter with Republicans in their retreat today since I was off work on a snow day. It was obvious that unless you agree totally with the Presidents ideas he is going to accuse you of not being negotiable.

Every time someone brought up exact quotes that he had said and then challenged him on the fact that he did not live up to his word, he would try to throw it back to them that they were phrasing their questions as if it sounded that way. He would then say that they were not interested in working with his ideas.


Pants on the ground --- I was just saying.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

America Wins one.

It is obvious that with the Republican win in Massachusetts that the Democrats, Pelosi and others are panicking. Obama is even understanding that he does not walk on water now.

What do people think when a Democrat state is suddenly taken by the Republicans. Do they think that it is time for people to take back their country and quit letting the Democrats tell us what we want.

Way to go Massachusetts - Way to go America.

Pants on the Ground - pants on the ground.

I was just saying.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Baseball, Apple Pie, Chevrolet

Wow, what will happen next. Mark Mcgwire actually admitting that he used steroids. Who would have thought that.

I would have expected problems at the big car makers like GM and Chevrolet before I would have thought that.

Wait a minute is my apple pie ok. Everything else has gone down in smoke.

I was just saying.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Check out Comedy Plus - America Rising.

Sandee over at Comedy Plus has a great video. This gives a strong message to those in governmnent. Check it out!

America Rising - At ComedyPlus

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Claim that blog

With every new day comes a new challenge. Today's challenge is to claim this blog.

How do I claim the blog and how do I meet the challenge which is to know that a bug is the biggest lie we know!

Well, there you have it. If that don't beat all.

Well that is life in America.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

President - wants others to like us!

This is what I heard a few minutes ago on the news talk shows. The President wants to be sure to treat the so called terrorists in a manner that other countries will still like us.

I don't care, Mr. President, if they like us or not. Your job is to worry about this country, the people that elected you, and keep us safe.

Sorry, Mr. President - that is a little bit asinine.