Friday, June 24, 2011 - Brand your product

Life in America is all about getting noticed.  This means that if you have a website, a business, a particular item or a particular idea that you want the world to know about then you need to know how to get promotional items that will give you the best exposure for this.   Yes, you may not believe it but millions of dollars are spent for promotional products by both large and small companies each year.  Do you think that this money is spent just for the fun of having giveaway products that mention their item.  Know, much research has gone into this and this money is spent because these items provide a daily reminder of that product.

Something as simple as a personalized ballpoint pens is something that gives a small but meaningful impression of what you are trying to promote.  This is not something that is just once but is in many hands many times over many days.  This along with other items such as  custom t-shirts with logo can really promote an image, an idea or a company in very subtle but very meaningful ways.

Well, if you have a need for these items, and I believe that almost everyone has that need if you have a product, business, website or idea, then there must be great places to get these items.  In reviewing sites, I have come across  It appears to be a great, user friendly site that provides great promotional products.  It appears to give an ease of adding your logos to the right products and getting these products to you at a fair and valued pricing structure.

One of the uses that  Life in America is considering for is to possibly help promote his Photography,  What I am considering doing is going local with my skills and developing this into a retirement business in the next couple of years.  I am thinking about putting out some great pictures with a naming logo attached to them and providing them on coffee cups to local restaurants.  This would put my picture and my business name in the hands of many coffee drinkers every day.  Would probably help build business.

This seems like a great idea and is something that can easily be done with a company such as

Sunday, June 19, 2011


Life in America is going to have to learn to live without Americans winning the major golf tournaments in America.  Has anyone noticed that the Europeans are kicking Americas butts in the world of golf.

What happened, Phil, Tiger, and all the others.

Rory Mcilroy is good.  Is he the next Tiger Woods?

I thought golf was America's Game. 

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Thunder Heads Boiling

Thunder heads are something that happens over the course of a hot summer. or as it is now a hot spring day.  Yesterday was one of those days.   There were clouds darkening and thunder heads boiling overhead.

I like to take pictures and because of that I began snapping pictures with the hope of getting a bolt of lightning.  However, I got several cloud shots but could never catch the timing of the lightning. 

Guess I will try again another day.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Photography in America

I have a really good camera.  I like to take pictures.  With a digital camera I take many more pictures than I used to do with the old camera. 

Every now and then I get one that I particularly like.  Here is one of those.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

New Flash

Heard today that 89% of Americans polled did not think that Barack Hussein Obama was doing a good job of handling America's Economic problems.  - What a news Flash.

What puzzles me is what about the other 11%.  Are they dead or idiots?

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Change in America

Life in America is all about change.  Barak Hussein Obama sold America on Change when he was elected to office.   Change has certainly occurred. 

Change that is good for Wall street has happened for the good.  Change for you and me has not been good.

Unemployment at 10% - Wow that is a change FOR THE WORSE.

Gas prices when Obama elected $2.75 Gas prices today $3.40   - WORSE FOR ME

War still waging - no end in sight - WORSE FOR ME.

Change has happened.  Hope you have enjoyed Obama keeping his promises.   Or did I recently hear excuses about a bump in the road.