Thursday, June 28, 2007

Life in America: Linkfest Haven - New to me!

Life in America: Linkfest Haven - New to me!

Life in America: Linkfest Haven - New to me!

Life in America: Linkfest Haven - New to me!

Linkfest Haven - New to me!

Everyone be patient, I am trying to understand this. I am a little thick headed sometimes. I am creating this post to figure out linkhaven. Anyone who reads this feel free to leave comments to help me understand.

So those folks I would like to give shout out to in this Linkfest are:

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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Internet Blog Tag - You're It!

Tag! I am it. Haven't played this game since I was 10. I was always a slow runner and a little chubby(ok a lot chubby) and was always it.

Panhandle Poet tagged me from his site Panhandle Poetry and Other Thoughts. and I am to tell seven random things about myself and then tag seven people. I've never been cybertagged before so here goes. I am going to try a little rhyme... if it don't work, don't blame me blame the Panhandle Poet.

I am really an Aggie from Texas,
Unlike the song, I have one wife and no Exes.

For blogging I adopted the moniker of Hillbilly Willy

Because to use my real name, I am shy and would feel Silly.

To lend money is my life's roll
To help people meet their needs is my goal.

You can tell from my blog, Arkansas is now my home.
If you could see me now I have a bald dome.

Ok I think that is enough
Wow this rhyming thing is tough.

Ok now who to tag. I am not really a social person on the internet and don't really have anyone that I know of to tag. Guess I will pull some out of the air. Hope they haven't already been tagged. I guess if they have they have to give seven more. Here goes

Here are my tags.

Kays Thinking Cap - Tag to Kay Dennison - Thanks for reading my Blog.

Chief Joker ---Can You Hear Me Now -Enjoy his comments. I expect he has seven things.

Posts from Helms Deep --- The Hermit -- Ran into this one recently - Good Stuff

Hillbilly Please ---Who describes herself as Bipedal female vertebrate primate

Ms Underestimated - Looks like a tough lady - Lets hear from her. (randomly chosen)

Sugar Mountain Farm - Walter Jeffries - runs a farm in Vermont. - This blog thing lets you wander around the country with little effort. Thats fun!

Life on a Farm Blog - a good country boy trying to raise his kids right - This blog is sponsored by Mahindra and not sure that he has the freedom to do much but right his story. However, it if nothing else, it is a good blog and others ought to stop by.

I guess now I have to figure out how to contact them. I have been slow at the game cause, I have been busy at work. That really slows down my blogging.

Well here you go!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Free Bird Food...Illegal Aliens!

I put a bird feeder on my back porch a while back. It was a great event. I filled it with food and made sure that there was a bird bath and plenty of fresh water nearby.

In a short time a few birds came. I enjoyed watching these few birds as they flittered around the back yard enjoying the free food and provided water. Soon it was fun to watch as these few birds built a nest in the tree in the backyard.

After several more weeks, it appeared that a communication had gone out advertising the free food and water. Soon the few birds that were enjoyable to watch and who had set up housekeeping in the tree out back, were joined by hundreds of other birds.

Soon there begin to be massive amounts of bird litter on my back porch. My swing was covered with litter. My outdoor furniture was such that it had to be hosed off and cleaned everyday to be used.

It began to go from a few dollars a week for bird food to being very expensive and a huge job to keep the bird feeder full. Some of the birds began to get very aggressive when the bird feeder was empty and would dive at me as I stepped into my backyard.

Life in my backyard had become somewhat like an Alfred Hitchcock movie.

The birds were taking over.

Sometimes I feel like this is somewhat how America is with "Illegal Aliens" . And I stress illegal. We are a melting pot and most descended from somewhere else. But I am here legally and believe that anyone that is not needs to do what it takes to be legal or go home.

But back to my point. As we try to be a socially correct society, we have become a "free food" society. We have embraced those that are illegal by possibly granting amnesty, by providing free medical services, free food, allowing them to infiltrate our schools and having all of the freedoms that legal inhabitants have.

Yes we have put out the birdfeeder on the back porch.. and they did come.

Maybe it is time for America to embrace the idea that they are "Illegal" and we should take in the birdfeeders and do what it takes to get this thing right.

Just my thoughts.

Name Change

I find that in the beginning of this blog thing, I had certain ideas about names for the blog and what the theme should be. As time has evolved, I find that those initial ideas have changed somewhat.

My original intention was to try to invoke the agriculture community and the rural community to interact and become involved in my blog. I have decided, however that my thoughts on the three blogs that I have seem to intertwine and somewhat be much the same. Therefore, on this blog, I am attempting to change from just Agriculture and Rural life to just let it be about Life in America. In short - Whatever I want to blog about.

That appears to be what it is about anyway.

I also find that my original intent was to be engaging with others. I now find that most of my writing is just engaging myself. To accomplish my thoughts and my purposes. That is why some of the writing is original, some comes from other sources and some is just filler to continue content until my next thought.

That is the problem. Sometimes the thoughts that merit writing are far apart.

Well thats my story today..anyway. May change tomorrow

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Nature at its Best, Thriving Farms, Congress is Talking About Your Food and more

American Farmland Trust
E-NewsJune 14, 2007

Sandy and Rossi Fisher, 2007 SOTLNature at its Best: Virginia Farmers Named AFT’s 2007 Stewards of the Land

Sandy and Rossie Fisher of Brookview Farm in Manakin-Sabot, Virginia, have received AFT’s 2007 Steward of the Land Award for their leadership in farmland protection and environmental stewardship. The Fishers, who sell grass-fed beef and organic eggs to local chefs, groceries and at their on-farm store, combine on-farm innovation with their love and respect for the land. The farm’s composting operation, for instance, turns municipal yard waste into a profitable organic fertilizer for Brookview Farm and neighboring farmers. AFT’s Steward of the Land Award honors an American farm or farm family who represents dedication to conservation, leadership in the community and a deep commitment to the land that sustains us all.

No Farms, No Food

Take Action Today

Make your voice heard and sign AFT’s “No Farms, No Food” petition today! Let Congress know that you care about local farms and healthy food in the 2007 Farm Bill.
Help Turn Farm and Food Priorities into Programs!

The stage has been set for the 2007 Farm Bill, and it’s time to turn priorities into programs—protecting working farms and ranches from sprawl, making local foods more available, encouraging healthy diets and ending hunger in America. Listen to AFT's briefing on Capitol Hill about aligning these priorities with the priorities of Congress.

Thriving Farms, Just an Hour from the City

As residential development progresses farther out from city centers, urban edge farms increasingly face challenges to stay afloat. Communities that care about local food and farmland realize they must “get ahead of the curve” and help local agriculture to thrive. American Farmland Trust recently developed a framework to sustain and enhance agriculture in the fertile Suisun Valley, located less than an hour’s drive from San Francisco. The Agricultural Vision and Economic Innovation for Suisun Valley, part of the Solano County General Plan update process, reflects input from farmer listening sessions and includes case studies of successful approaches from other communities. “The AFT report has given us a vision and the strength to overcome the impediments before us,” said Bob Hansen, a farmer and general manager for the Suisun Valley Fruit Growers Association.

Congress is Talking About Your FoodCongress Is Talking About Your Food…Join the Discussion

The new “Congress Is Talking About Your Food” brochure and Web site are designed to educate and engage consumers in the 2007 Farm Bill debate. “The farm bill is one of the most significant pieces of legislation that Congress will enact this year,” says AFT President Ralph Grossi. “It affects how taxpayers’ money will be spent on farm and food programs that influence everything from what’s available in grocery stores and who is eligible for food stamps to what farmers grow and how farmers take care of our environment.”

Around the Country

Landmark legislation was recently introduced in New York to create a Working Farmland Tax Credit.

The Connecticut General Assembly overwhelmingly approved a measure that will dramatically improve the state funding process for the purchase of development rights on prime farmland.

The Washington Conservation Incentives Project celebrates its first success, but there is still much work to be done.

A new Purdue University, Indiana, survey shows overwhelming support for programs to protect farmland and open space.

The Maryland region’s first farmers’ market that focuses on minority and immigrant farmers and accepts food stamps opened recently.

AFT, Clyde’s Restaurant Group and the Slow Food Network sponsored a “Farm and Food Bill” roundtable event in Washington, D.C.: Putting Food Back in the Farm Bill. Listen to what the keynotes had to say about our current food system and the future of the farm bill.

The House Agriculture Committee Subcommittees' recent mark-up of the farm bill's conservation, research, energy, and credit titles included reform of and additional funding for the Farm and Ranch Land Protection Program (FRPP). Full Committee mark-up is expected before July 4th. Stay tuned for more information.

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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Spy Sweeper - A Great Tool

Spy Sweeper
It was early last week. I didn't have a clue about anything like Spy Sweeper. I was downloading some pictures to use on my Blog. At that time something appeared on the screen and it seemed as though I had lost all control of my computer. This is the first time I have had something like this happen to my computer. I had heard of such but had never had it happen to me. The last thing I needed was computer problems. Well, I have had some computer training, so I immediately started quickly to do what I thought would save the computer. Well inspite of all of my efforts the computer began to act funny. Soon it shut down and wouldn't come reboot.

Well I consulted with the a friend who was pretty good on computers. He told me all of the tricks to try, but none of them worked.

It was during all of this deep conversation that my friend mentioned that if I had a product called Spy Sweeper by Webroot on my computer I wouldn't have all of this problem.

Well, I went to work the next day on the computer trying to recover anything. After several hours I had recovered nothing. I headed to the electronics store and bought a new computer.

The first thing after buying the computer I loaded a copy of Spy Sweeper on the computer. I wanted no more problems.

You see I had done some studying after my friend told me about this product.
Here is what I found out:

A person needs to Keep his PC Safe from Spyware

I found that Spyware grows more sophisticated every day. There's more of it, and it's more malicious than ever before. I found out that Experts agree: Spy Sweeper delivers the most advanced spyware detection, blocking and removal available to beat dangerous spyware programs.

I found that I can Browse Where I Want, When I Want
I found that dangerous and annoying spyware can infect your system in many different ways when you use the Internet. Spy Sweeper gives you 360 degrees of protection. Powerful new Smart Shields block known and emerging spyware threats as you browse - before they ever reach your computer and personal information. Willy found that if your PC is already infected, Spy Sweeper's advanced discovery methods find and completely destroy malicious spyware that hides within your PC - even spyware that hides using rootkit technology.

I found that I can now Download my Favorite Music, Pictures and Videos Without Spyware Intruders
I discovered that file sharing programs and swapping music, photos or other files are notorious avenues for spyware infection. Spy Sweeper can effectively identify slight changes in new spyware threats or variants to prevent spyware threats from ever installing on your PC.

Most of all I found that with Spy Sweeper I can have more Time Computing, Less Time Solving Computer Problems

I also found with this that I can rest Easy with Continuous Customer Support
All Webroot products are backed by knowledgeable and friendly support experts who will help you through even the toughest spyware problems. Unlike many of our competitors, we offer this online and phone support absolutely FREE.

What more could one ask for - now my computer is safe.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Don't Let Local Farms and Healthy Food Lose Out in the 2007 Farm Bill

American Farmland Trust
Housing and Hayfields - Corbis Photo

Sign Our Petition for the 2007 Farm Bill Today! 

No Farms No FoodWork on the 2007 Farm Bill has begun, but the legislation is far from passed! Negotiations are underway leading up to a final vote this fall—right now we have a window of opportunity to let Congress know local farms and healthy food cannot be ignored in favor of special interests. Before the deals are made, sign your name to American Farmland Trust’s ‘No Farms, No Food’ petition.

You can make a difference. Help us gather 10,000 signatures before the 4th of July Congressional break. By signing your name to the petition, you’re letting Congress know it’s time for these priorities:

  • Protecting our working farms and ranches from sprawl
  • Making local foods more available
  • Encouraging healthy diets
  • Ending hunger in America

Sign Your Name


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