Friday, December 31, 2010

Looking back.

I was curious as to what he was blogging about at about this time last year.  Below is Willy’s last blog for 2009 just about a year ago.  What is interesting about this is that you could simply change a few details and the rest would still be true. – The President still doesn’t get it.  - Here is the Post
Something Ain't Right

The President plays golf and swims in Hawaii while the rest of America sweats over jobs, security and life in General. Something ain't right about that. Yea- he works hard and deserves a rest but so do the rest of America.

And for National Security - President Barack Hussein Obama does not believe that there is a real threat to American Security. He does not believe that another 9-11 can happen. He does not give credibility to true life terrorism on American soil.

Where are we going America --- He just doesn't get it.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Mail Boxes in America

A classy mail box is something that can dress up the appearance or give some curb appeal to a residence.  Something that I was not familiar with is something called  blomus mailboxes.  I learned that Blomus products are manufactured from the finest grade stainless steel materials available.They are designed and Manufactured in Germany and imported to the US by SKS USA, Blomus products will bring a touch of Europe to your home.

So if you want a touch of Europe that is what you would want.  If you want just good old American class then just get good looking stainless steel mailboxes or just modern mailboxes  and you will add class and style to your place.  Sounds easy doesn’t it.

The next question would be where is a good place to get these items.  Well, as most of my suggestions are, you need to go to the web and find a company such as  I believe you can find what you would want in mailboxes there.

That is my thoughts on this.  More ideas will be coming later.

Life in America - Home and Safe

As I sit in my warm home with a few days off during this holiday season, I am thankful that I am not traveling.  Stories are very sad and very scary as people are stranded all over the nation and the world during this Season of hope that has turned into despair.

They are calling it the "perfect storm" at a really bad time.  One of the busiest traveling seasons has been marred by a great snow storm.   The toughest thing that would be to comprehend is to be sitting somewhere that is calm with good weather and you are stuck in an airport because the planes are stuck where the snow is heavy and cannot move.

What would my reactions be if I were stuck in an airport for several days and could go nowhere.  What would I do if I stood in line for several hours to find out I was in the wrong line or that there were no hopes of leaving that day or any time in the near future.

It is easy to say that I would stay calm and it would be ok.  That is easy to say if it is not you.  Only being in the moment could really predict how I would handle it.

What are your thoughts.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Real Estate in Boston?

Do you live near Boston?  Do you want to buy or sell real estate?  Do you know about Bushari Group Real Estate.  If any of this has caught your attention so far then you need to read on because you might find some information that will help you out.

So, if you are still reading then that probably means that some sort of Boston Real Estate is of interest to you.  That Real Estate in Boston that your are interested in might vary from Boston Condos, Boston Luxury Real Estate, Boston Lofts or Boston Luxury Lofts.  Regardless of the type of real estate that you are looking for, I cannot emphasize enough the importance of finding that right company to direct your search or sales.  That company could very likely be Bushari Group Real Estate.

So, in short, if you are near or in Boston and Real Estate purchase or sale of any type is on your radar scope, then you need to contact the right people.  Do it now.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Times a Coming

It is coming soon.  Is anyone getting excited.  Life in America is about Christmas.


I am excited.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Nickelodeon Is The Channel For Kids

Life in America sometimes gives way for a guest post.  Here it is and enjoy.
Thanks for the article from Glenda Hanson

Since I have small children in the house, it is essential to have something fun to watch on television. It not only stimulates their mind but it get them out of my hair for just a little while! I have found that Nickelodeon does the trick.

In the morning, I like to turn on Nickelodeon on our direct star tv so my kids can watch it while I'm making breakfast. Their favorite shows are Dora the Explorer and Spongebob Squarepants. It really is cute how they imitate the characters. I like how Dora teaches them little tidbits of Spanish and encourages them to help her in her everyday ventures. Every now and again, they will find the Backyardigans. They love this show but it doesn't come on at any scheduled time. You just have to be lucky and catch it when you can.

All in all, I could easily let my kids watch this channel all day if they wanted to. It mixes fun and learning all together. They don't fight over the tv shows because they like the same ones and it gets their attention while I talk on the phone or do household chores. Whoever thought up the idea for Nickelodeon is truly an angel!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Who is Watching.

Life in America believes in the lines:

Your better watch out.

You better not pout.

You better not Cry

I am telling you why.

Santa Clause is coming to town.

He knows when you are sleeping.

He knows when your awake.

He knows when you've been bad or good.

So be good for goodness sake.

Are you getting anything for Christmas or have you been bad.  Have you been really bad.  Do you need a spanking or do you just need Santa to show you some love.

Those are the questions.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Chicago Used Cars

If Chicago is home and you need a car what do you do.  Or what if you live somewhere in the Chicago area and you need a great deal on a new or used car.  The answer is that if you are looking for used cars in Chicago you need to get on the internet before you drive to shop.

What will you find if you get on the internet to look for used cars in Chicago?  Well, you will probably find a great deal from a great Chicago Honda Dealer on that car that you might not have even expected.  Honestly what you should find is River Oaks Honda. It is a dealership in the Chicago area and it has great certified used car specials that will help you choose your purchase.

So, gentlemen and ladies, start your search engines and get on that computer and check out the used Chicago Cars that are in great shape and have been checked out just for you.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Heisman Trophy!

Life in America is aggravated today.  Ryan Mallet was not invited to the Heisman Trophy ceremonies.  For some reason he is not considered one of the top four players in the country.  I disagree with this.  It is obvious that Cam Newton is the favorite but below is everyone that was invited with there accolades.  Ryan Mallet has to be as good as these guys.  What is the problem with people.

James is looking to take home Oregon's first Heisman Trophy award.  The sophomore rushed for 1,682 yards, averaging 6.0 yards per carry.  He finished the season with 21 rushing touchdowns and one receiving touchdown.  James leads the nation in average rushing yards per game with 152.9.   James broke the Pac-10 record for rushing yards by a sophomore and ranks second on Oregon's single-season rushing list, 40 yards away from equaling Jonathan Stewart's record.  James holds the Oregon single-season record for most rushing touchdowns scored.

Luck would be Stanford's second Heisman winner.  Jim Plunkett won the award in 1970.  This season, Luck passed for 3,051 yards and 28 touchdowns.  He also rushed for three touchdowns. Luck holds the Stanford school record for single-season touchdown passes and total yards on offense (3,489).  The junior is one of four quarterbacks in school history to throw for over 3,000 yards in a single season. Luck is also on pace to set single-season records for completion percentage and passing efficiency rating.

Moore is the first Boise State player to be named a Heisman finalist. Moore finished seventh in the 2009 Heisman Trophy voting.  This season, Moore passed for 3,506 yards and 33 touchdowns. Moore has broken school records for career completions (803), passing yards (10,528) and touchdowns (97).  Moore is one of five active players with 10,000 passing yards and is the only junior on the list.  Moore is also one of four Broncos to throw for at least 3,000 yards in a season, and is the only one to do so three times.

Newton attempts to become Auburn's third Heisman winner, following in the footsteps of Pat Sullivan (1971) and Bo Jackson (1985). This season, Newton passed for 2,589 yards and 28 touchdowns.  He also rushed for 1,419 yards and 20 touchdowns.   Newton is the first SEC player to ever throw for 2,000 yards and rush for 1,000 yards in a single season.  He also became only the second player in NCAA Football Bowl Subdivision history to throw and run for 20-plus touchdowns in a single season, joining 2007 Heisman Trophy Winner Tim Tebow.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Storybook House–Window Boxes.

Life in America is always interested in looking at different family neighborhoods in different parts of the country.  Here locally most of the houses have no shutters and none have a window box.  There are some areas around that have shutters and siding but none of them have window boxes .  That is just the way the houses look in the area where we live.

Last year, however, we went to some of the New England states.  While we were  there we visited some areas where the homes looked like large doll houses and all of them had some sort of window box planters or garden window boxes.  Many had window flower boxes on every window.  It almost felt like we were in a story book.  It was neat, beautiful and very interesting.

So, as you see it seems to be the part of the country that you are in that gives the houses a distinct and different flavor and style.  What style is your house?  Is yours pristine and story book looking or is it just a simple house in a simple neighborhood?

Bowl Season

It is that time of the year.  What time is that you ask?  It is time for all of the college bowl games along with all of the BCS Bowl controversy.  There are in my estimation about 23 bowl games.  All of the way from very insignificant bowls to very meaningful ones.

The most important to most people is probably the bowl game that has Auburn in the National Championship.

However, the most important bowl to this writer is the one that has Arkansas Razorbacks, the Hogs, taking on Ohio.   That is the Sugar bowl on January 4th in New Orleans.  I do not get to attend in person but I get to watch on the big screen.

What bowl is important to you?

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Thanksgiving Dinner

I am is using a guest post this evening.  Guess they know more than Willy.  Hope you find this interesting--------

Guest post by Dana Osborn

Thanksgiving is a time for enjoying time with family, eating great food and watching football. For my family, the traditions for this holiday are probably the same as many other families. We gather together early in the day and then enjoy each other's company while preparing the dinner. It is tradition to deep fry our turkey. The men take on this task. Basically because they like to stand around and drink beer outside!

After dinner is served, the men go and watch football on Direct TV, the children play and the women sit and plan their shopping for the following day. Each woman makes their list for every store. The following day we spread out and one person goes to a different store with everyone's list. This way we can get more effective shopping done in a shorter time. That evening we all meet up again to eat leftovers and swap gifts and money.

It is a great holiday to spend time with family and a great way to kick off the holiday season!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Caption this one.

Not sure what the caption might be on this picture but it was too good to pass up.  This appears to be an odd way of feeding each other but if it works --- go for it!
Leave a caption in the comments and I will select the best.


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Christmas - Hanukkah

Life in America is all about everything in America.  However, I am very traditional and I have a problem accepting or thinking about other religious holidays such as Hanukkah. However I am trying.
It is my understanding that Hanukkah is just now starting and last for eight nights.  It is a Jewish holiday.  This about all that I know.  Does anyone else out there want to give me more details.

Christmas, however is my favorite.  I believe in Christmas and know all about it. 

So there you have my thoughts.

Christmas or Hanukkah - your thoughts.