Monday, March 17, 2008

Spring is finally in the Air

Spring is in the air. I can tell because I wake up each morning with a stopped up nose and soon I will have itchy watery eyes. I am taking a new nasal spray this year and hope that this might help alleviate the problem.

It is a real shame that one of the prettiest times in Arkansas is plagued by allergy season. This is the time that the Azaleas bloom and give some of the prettiest color around. It is short lived of about 3 weeks but the colors are gorgeous. Along with that many of the trees come in full bloom and the world is just gorgeous.

Only if the allergies would leave us alone so we could see it.

Somebody hand me the nose spray and the eye drops.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Judging Contest - 1000 Hot Dogs - Good Kids!

I was priviledged this week to do one of the things that I enjoy doing outside the office. We call it PR work but I question how much PR it really gets us.

What I was doing was cooking 1000 hot dogs for a statewide FFA/4H judging contest that is held in my area each year. The cooking takes about three hours and lots of labor. However, after visiting through those three hours with a lot of kids that are tops in their class and mostly who are well mannered and seem to appreciate the effort, it is kind of fun.

However, the day was cold and windy and this created some issues. The event was in a large indoor rodeo arena which helped some but did not take away all of the pains.

Well, again a good cause. My industry is Agricultural Lending and many of these youngsters will be future customers. Hope they remember that I cooked them a hot dog.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Top Chuck Woolery & Ranting Robb on TV? - Make your Commercial!

Have you heard about the Spring Break contest? No it has nothing to do with t-shirts and water.

What it does deal with is the Ocean Potion XTREME Tanning product line. If you worship the sun and want the latest and greatest in tanning and sun care products you need to go to view Ocean Potion website. You can learn all about the great tanning product line and how it can be your best friend on Spring break. (Well, maybe your second best friend!) You can find those products that keep you from getting that terrible burn and allow you to have a beautiful tan. We all know that this is what it is all about. Get that great tan and skip the burn with Ocean Potion Xtreme Tanning product line.

Some of their tanning products include Dark Formula, Xtreme Tanning Lotion SPF 4, with Instant Bronzer which will help you get that great tan without burning, but will still allow you to get that great bronze look.

Or you might also want to use the OCEAN POTION Dark Tanning Lotion SPF 4 with Bronzer which provides minimal protection against ultra violet exposure while allowing a gradual tan to develop. This is formulated specifically for skin that tans easily. This product from Ocean Potion has a clean, synthesized dry formulation which glides on easily for quick absorption, while still enlisting anti-oxidant vitamins A, C, and E that aid in the reduction of those cell damaging free radicals. It does all of this while helping maintain younger-looking skin. Yes all of that is done with Dark Tanning, Xtreme Spray Gel.

Well, as you can see there are these great products and many more with great benefits. However, what is even greater is that even though you have all of these great benefits you can also go to their website and get in on the great fun of producing your on video. You can win cash and prizes if yours is the best and you can put your video out there for all to see.

What can be more fun than to learn about great products at Ocean Potion and to have the opportunity to create a commercial that may be seen by many. Yes and as stated if it gets enough hits you may even win the grand prize.

All of this can be found at Extreme Springbreak Challenge. Visit and you might be a winner! Check out my video below!

Who Controls My Future - Life With Hussein Obama!

It scares the living daylights out of me to think about my future. I am aging now - HA! Moving on toward retirement age. Yes, when I go out to the internet and look at the website that has my retirement and 401K info on it I find that it has a countdown to my regular retirement age. Yes, 8 Years, 7 months & 7 days shows up. Interesting that it does not give me how long I have worked or the options for future employment. But that is another story.

My topic here is who controls my future. Have you noticed who is screaming and yelling praises and voting for Hussein Obama. (I prefer to call him that to keep ever present the idea that he has a Muslim background.) It was extreme Muslims who flew the plane into the twin towers wasn't it?) By the way do you recognize the pictures here.

Sorry, I was sidetracked for a minute.

Now back to who is screaming and yelling and voting for Hussein OBAMA! Look at the crowds. It is the age 18 to 35 age group. The kids that we raised or tried to raise. They will be 26 to 43 when I am retired. They will be the absolute in charge generation at that time. They will be electing people like Hussein Obama to lead my make decisions that affect my retirement years.

And you ask why I am scared to death!

Do I want Hussein Obama as my President!

No way Jose or should that be no way Hussein!