Monday, November 29, 2010

Simple gift personalization

Life in America is really using guest hosts during this holiday season to see what others have to say.  Hope you gain some thoughts.

Guest post written by Sammy Wilkes

Working two jobs doesn't exactly give you a whole lot of time to go home and make homemade Christmas presents like my friends like to do and then give to me. But that doesn't mean that I wouldn't like to. But I do like to take the little extra time that I have to wrap up the gifts and make them look really nice with the simple resources that I do have.

I've looked at all kinds of stuff online to get ideas about how to fix my gifts. When I was doing that a little while back, I saw some stuff about a satellite internet deal and decided to get some MORE INFO and then sign up for it.

I found some really great ideas for DIY gift bags and finally put some of those old paper grocery bags to use that had been under my kitchen sink forever. I used some scrap fabric to cover the handles of it and covered up the grocery store logo with some nice wrapping paper

Christmas in America

Life in America is looking to see what people believe are the best places in America to visit for Christmas lights and theme.  Here are some that I have found. 

Branson Area Festival of Lights
Branson, Missouri
The city of Branson is nestled in the Ozark Mountains about 250 miles from the gateway to the West, St. Louis, MO. Once a dying lumber town, Branson is now the country's live entertainment capital. It is home to scores of theaters and resort hotels that appeal to tourists year-round. And during that most wonderful time of the year, the hotels, theaters and townspeople all come together to produce the Branson Area Festival of Lights.

National Christmas Center
Paradise, Pennsylvania
The National Christmas Center is the only Christmas museum in the entire world. Owner Jim Morrison unwrapped the museum in 1998 with just 3 exhibits. Today the museum overflows with hundreds of thousands of Christmas items, some more than 200 years old.

Las Vegas, Nevada
No American city parties harder than Las Vegas, and every December more than 3 million people flock here to celebrate the holidays. As proof that Christmas in Vegas is high-speed and high-octane, there's an annual holiday road race -- exclusively for Santa impersonators!

Mall of America
Minneapolis, Minnesota
At the Mall of America, bigger is better. It holds more than 520 stores, houses its own amusement park and stands at a staggering 4.2 million-square-feet. During the holiday season, 2-dozen wreaths are hung throughout the mall -- all of them 10 feet in diameter. Giant red ornament bulbs hang from the ceiling, each weighing in at 300 pounds.

Santa Claus, Indiana
Santa Claus, IN is a whole town dedicated to the Christmas spirit. What started as a name has become a way of life for this small Indiana town. Here, all the streets have Christmas-themed names, like Prancer Dr., Chestnuts Roasting by the Open Fire St., and Jingle Bell and Candy Cane lanes. Likewise, all the shops and businesses have Christmas-themed names.

What are some of your thoughts that should be in this list.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving and Black Friday

Life in America is using a guest post today.  Hope you gain from it.
Guest post written by Howard Merrill

Last night I was online looking at HearingAidsReviews (so that I could make an informed purchase this week) when my wife started talking about how she was gearing up for Black Friday: the shopping event of the year. Every year around this time, she gets really excited about the rare deals that she can find. She likes to do about three fourths of her holiday shopping down on Black Friday, and about several weeks for before the big day, her thoughts will really start to dwell on it...and I do mean dwell, haha!

Black Friday isn't something that I get too excited about, personally. However, if my wife can save a buck or two, that's just fine with me! Some people think the holiday congestion is fun and exciting, but it's a little too much for me. That's why I usually leave the shopping to her. Personally, I get much more excited about Thanksgiving. The holiday has a great message, and it's always nice to have our family together in one place. In either case, it's holiday time, and my wife and I starting to get very excited.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Mitch Mustain

Most of my Sports are reserved for another blog that I have but today it seems that this covers more than the small state that I live in.   It goes like this -- Short Version

There once was a quarter back from Springdale High in Arkansas that was considered the best in the land.  He went to Arkansas but something went wrong and he did not do well.  He finally transferred to USC and set out a year and thought he would get to start the second year he was there.  I believe he is now a senior there and is finally getting his first start tonight.

Life has not been the star power that he thought it would be but we wish him well.

And that is sometimes the way Life Goes In America.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Avista Resort in Myrtle Beach

Thanksgiving is over and there have been people in and out for several days now.  Your house is a shambles and your tired of all of the family.  Sounds terrible doesn’t it.  Sounds true though doesn’t it.  So what would be something that you could do to relieve the stress? 

Well, here is my idea.  Lets go to Myrtle Beach between now and Christmas.  You can get great ideas for staying there by going to and checking out the specials or the availability of a great place to stay and play golf.  Yes, this seems to be a great Myrtle Beach hotel and a place that I believe might be my destination of choice in the near future.  This is a place that I believe would be great to stay and to play golf. 

So if you are tired of all the folks and the turkey and the hustle and bustle of the season then you might want to quickly check out the resorts in Myrtle Beach and check out the golf.  This is sure to relieve the stress that is building up.

My thoughts for now.

Monday, November 22, 2010


What is the thought on everyone's mind this week.  Is if football.  Is it work.  Is it vacation.

No, it is hot, juicy, dripping with flavor meat called turkey.  Well, is it really that good.

Question is Fried, baked, smoked, stuffed or what.

Tell me what is your preference. 

Sunday, November 21, 2010


In Arkansas I am needing an online brokerage firm.  I am needing an Online Trading  firm that allows customers to trade Stocks, Options, Mutual Funds, ETFs and Fixed Incomes at competitive costs. Where would I find such an Online Broker such as that?  Well, the first thing that I would do is the first thing that I always do when I am searching and that is to get online and use one of the great search engines.

What would I put in that search engine?  Well, I would put in keywords such as IRA Accounts, Mobile Trading and Stock Trading since those are the things that are important to me and the things that are very important to most of those people that are looking for an online company.  This would probably give me the results of several companies that provide those things and then it would be up to me to determine which one meets the needs that I have.

In looking and doing this search one of the companies that rises to the top is Firstrade.  It seems to be a good company with good features offered.  If you are looking for a trading company this might be one of the ones that you would certainly want to check out. 

That is my thoughts for now.

Shopping In America

Life in America picks up today on the fact that it is rapidly coming to that time of the year when we shop until we drop.  Yes, Black Friday and other shopping ploys gets us out and shopping hard.  Then their comes Cyber Monday when we shop on line until we wear out our mouse.  Then after all of that we still have a couple of weeks before Christmas to get that shopping done.  Are you getting there?  I am and here is how I am doing it here in America.

One of the things that I will do is more of my shopping online this year.  Yes, I will shop on line for anything that I need.  Lets assume that I am into that joke that went crazy a while back about “pants on the ground”.  Well, if that is the case I would assume that the person with that problem would want to know about bend over pants that are available at many places such as Blair. Yes, this allows you to get those pants online and save the gas and the time that it would take if you chased all over town to find those bend over pants.

So if you are one of those that is crying “pants on the ground”  and it is not really funny because you are really needing some nice new bend over pants then you might want to get on that wonderful thing that Al Gore invented, the internet, and find you a great pair of bend over pants

That is my thoughts for now and in the future if some one starts singing that song to you or any other complaints about the types of pants you wear then you have an answer.  I am looking online to solver the problem.  Again, my final thoughts.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

TSA - Search ME

At least they enjoyed being felt of during the search

The Perfect Pait

Life in America often times finds someone that will guest post with something important.  Here it is.
Guest post by Jewel Cole

My best friend and I are the perfect pair! We enjoy almost all of the same things and we both have a ridiculous sense of humor. I me him a comedy show in the area where I live. No one wanted to go to the show with me and I didn't want to waste my ticket so I went alone. He was sitting in the front row right next to me. It wasn't long before I found out that he was a part of the show. He was doing an amateur act, but he was unbelievably funny like he'd been doing it for years.

I became interested in how long he had been doing comedy, so after the show I started a conversation with him. Since then we have been the best of friends. He moved to another state but it doesn't matter because no matter what's going on in his life, he always makes time for me, especially when I'm going through something. I love his ability to take the tension out of situations by making me laugh. Lord knows he has kept me from crying many nights during some of my trials. I've made it my business to go visit him every weekend. I pack my things the night before and in the morning I set my home security alarm from before I go to visit my best friend.

Cowboy Willy

I started a new blog a while back just for fun and is just now deciding to promote it a little and see how it goes.  I am dedicating this blog to simple quips, sayings, quotes, short jokes and in short simplicity.

The thing that I will try to do is to refrain from posting long posts advertising for others.  I will have some google ads and some links to others in his quips, and quotes but will not be so abrupt as it is in his other blogs.

So if you want to get a tidbit of information, fun, quote or quip I am going to try to provide that about three times a week.  If you have good info on your site I might steal some of these occasionally.  If I do this you will also find a link back to your website on CowboyWillys links page.

Come join him by clicking on the Cowboy Willy link here or the picture on the top right.  While you are there if you were to click on the ad that shows it would not hurt myu feelings because contrary to popular opinion, I try to at least make enough money from blogging to pay for his habits.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Video Converters.

Life in America spends lots of time on the computer working with video.   When I work with video I find it difficult sometimes to find the right Video Converter that will get the video that I want into the right format for my use and my audience.   Well in my internet search for that right software I found that I did not know as much as I thought I did about the project.

I found in my studies that I might want to get a Mac and use the Video Converter for Mac that is available.  It seems to be pretty slick and really do a nice job of converting the videos with ease and grace.  This is, as I say, from viewing the process on the web sites that I explored.  So even though I am a traditional Windows fan this stuff is good for Mac fans also.

But what about those new IPad's?  I have not touched one of them but I hear that they are pretty smooth.  Do you have one?  Do you have a need to use an IPad Video Converter.  If you do I believe you can find the info about that in similar places.  Sounds like something that I might need to research further.  Come back later and I might have more information on this.

Thanks for stopping by and letting me talk about a software that converts various video formats to other formats that you might want to use.  Yes, it handles more than 150 different video and audio formats plus it has great editing features.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Gibberish in America

Life in America is something good.
Life in America is ice cream and food.
Life in America is about smell.
Somethings good and some like hell.
If you know what you like.
You can find it in the pike.
If you don't and fall on your face
Then you should wear panty and lace

This makes no sense and if you agree
Make a comment and let me see.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Credit Score and You!

Life in America is about having good credit.  In this instance I have the opportunity almost daily to work with people because I am in a lending position.  This position causes me to counsel and look at credit bureaus on a daily basis.  This means that one of the things that I talk to many customers about daily is the need to know their credit score and how important that score is to them in their daily lives.

So what do I do when these customers say that they have no idea what their score is.  That is when I tell them that they can get their free credit score by simply going to the internet and logging on to the right site.  Quickly and immediately after getting to the proper site they can then know what lenders know and use to determine their credit worthiness. 

Well, this as you can see is very important to the individuals.  This makes me feel very good that I can help someone understand and see what they need to know about their credit score and how it affects their borrowing ability.  Pretty good information if you ask me.

My thoughts for now.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Earn Your Mat Degree OnLIne

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of 2tor. All opinions are 100% mine.

Life in America is enhanced in today's electronic world by the Internet.  Today it is now possible to get a degree from a great University online.  This is great because of the University that is providing this degree is one of great stature and is very renowned in its field.

What are we talking about?  Well The USC Rossier School of Education’s MAT@USC offers current educators and aspiring teachers the prestige of earning a Master of Arts in Teaching degree from an elite research university with the convenience and flexibility of studying online.  

For more of the program information   please check them out online

For the great benefits that this gives online check out  the following reasons:

• Highly interactive online learning combined with field-based experiences is available

• Groundbreaking tuition reimbursement program is something that they offer

• Accelerated program you can complete in as little as 12 months is incorporated into the program

• Opportunity to become a part of the elite USC Trojan Family is a great plus on your resume

• Tuition reimbursement and scholarships gives you the opportunity to have financial assistance.

• MAT@USC Student Blog allows you to hear insights about the program from actual students to give you more insight to the porgram.

• Rossier and the MAT@USC were awarded by AACTE for innovative use of technology in education which states that this is not your ordinary program.

• Technology video that introduces the interactivity of the program is available to give more program information

So if an online degree is what you are looking for please check out this great opportunity.

Visit Sponsor's Site

Help Others

Life in America believes it is a great thing to help others.  We like to give to others things that we sometimes would normally do ourselves.  However, this is not always possible. 
The greatest fun in giving is seeing the pleasure that the receiver of the gift gets from the giving.  Sometimes the pleasure that others get from the gift that you give is greater than the pleasure that you would get if you used the item or gift yourself.

The Bible says it is Greater to give than to receive.

This Holiday season take an Angel off a tree and give to the needy.

This Holiday season give items to a local charity that helps others.

This Holiday season give like you have never given before and it will return 100 fold.

A trip to the Dallas World Aquarium

Life In America often welcomes a guest host with good information - enjoy!

Guest written by our friend Clara Castro

A day at the aquarium is a relaxing and entertaining experience, but it is always hard to truly relax unless I am sure to set myADT Home security alarm prior to leaving for the day. My husband and I always enjoy going to the Dallas World Aquarium and Zoological Garden in Dallas, Texas. Our favorite thing to do after we make a quick trip around the entire area is to sit and watch the Leafy seadragons in the Dragons from Down Under exhibit. Just watching these small, yet graceful animals glide around in the water is an amazing experience every time. We also enjoy watching the manatees and listen in quite often to the conservation talks. Penguins are also a highlight of ours, and a must-see on every single trip to the zoo. They are always playful and everyone gets a kick out of watching them diving and swimming around. The Dallas World Aquarium and Zoological Gardens has indoor and outdoor exhibits that are fun for everyone, no matter what age they may be. While my husband and I do enjoy going alone, we have the most fun when we take our little nephew along with us for the day of excitement and exhibits. He may be the only person who enjoys the aquarium more than we do!

Monday, November 8, 2010





Saturday, November 6, 2010

Christmas With My Uncle

Life in America is welcoming a guest host today --- Enjoy
Guest post written by Jim Guthrie

Every Christmas, my parents and I take a trip to Florida to visit my Uncle Larry. The trip is pretty long, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. We don’t get to see him much throughout the year, so Christmas is always very special for my family. He lives in a nice little home by the water, and he is always watching old westerns. Every time I visit there, I swear that a western like Have Gun, Will Travel is lingering on the television set in the background.

In the past few years, Uncle Larry’s hearing hasn’t been as good as it once was, and my family is going to get him a new hearing aid from or Christmas—a gift we’re so excited to give! Larry watches his westerns all too often and helping him get a hearing aid would get him back to enjoying the shows he really loves. While we’re all together, I think we are going to try our luck at fishing too. Even though it’s colder this time of year, we always catch a little something. It’s what we’ve always done as a family, and it’ll be a special thing to do again this holiday season.

Friday, November 5, 2010


Today must have been a slow Friday at some offices and must have been "flying on a plane" day.  This is the second email - with a great truth - Put simply by a young lady.   Read and enjoy.

A congressman was seated next to a little girl on an airplane so he turned to her and said, "Do you want to talk? Flights go quicker if you strike up a conversation with your fellow passenger."

The little girl, who had just started to read her book, replied to the total stranger, "What would you want to talk about?"

"Oh, I don't know," said the congressman. "How about global warming, universal health care, or stimulus packages?" as he smiled smugly.

"OK," she said. "Those could be interesting topics but let me ask you a question first. A horse, a cow, and a deer all eat the same stuff - grass. Yet a deer excretes little pellets, while a cow turns out a flat patty, but a horse produces clumps. Why do you suppose that is?"

The legislator, visibly surprised by the little girl's intelligence, thinks about it and says, "Hmmm, I have no idea."

To which the little girl replies, "Do you really feel qualified to discuss global warming, universal health care, or the economy, when you don't know crap?"

And then she went back to reading her book.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Oasis Advanced Wellness in America

Health is wealth and in America having health is like having wealth.  If you have your health you have everything.  Why do I say those things?  I say those thins because it is true.  You have nothing if you do not have your health.  Therefore, it is important that we discover and explore those things that give you your health.  

Therefore lets talk about Oregano Oil - yes this is something that might be an advantage to having better health because it may hinder some bacteria and will therefore give you the opportunity for better health.  What do you think?  Something about this might make sense.  You might want to check for yourself.  

Another term that you might want to consider when you are looking for those great wisdom thoughts about better health is the term  Bio D-Mulsion .  What do you think this might have to do with health?  Well this is a type of Vitamin D-3 and this might just be very important since there are 3000 receptor sites for Vitamin D.  Therefore, this item must be important if there are that many receptors in the body looking for it.  

Well, as you see health is wealth and this is good and if you want to know more then check it out and find out more.  This is good.