Monday, March 28, 2011

Final Four

Who would have thought that the final four in the NCAA tournament would have had two Cinderella teams still hanging in there. It they were not playing each other, they might both end up in the finals.

How many people in America has these in the final four. I believe in the ESPN tournament out of millions of entries, there are like four.

Are you one of the four. If you are I believe you know nothing about basketball or you would not have chosen these.

My thoughts for now.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Zennioptical - the Right Glasses

Life in America would not be the same if there were not people who wore prescription eyeglasses.  Yes, many Americans wear glasses and many people in America pay to much for their eye glasses.

So what can people do to decrease there costs of glasses.  Well, one of the things that they can do is go online to some place such as and get the same glasses at a lot less cost than you get when you go into the local shops.   With this idea the first thing that someone will ask is whether or not the quality is the same.  Well, the answer to that is pretty much yes.  This is proven out in an interview and video that is shown in the link below about buying glasses online.

What this says is a short version is that a lady's glasses were taken to local optometrists and to local and professional shops and they all stated that they were virtually the same glasses as the sell.  The only difference is the very cheap price.

When quizzed about this the answer was ultimately that it is easier to buy on line and you are rewarded with a great product without all of the overhead. How can you beat that?

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My NCAA Bracket

I have a bracket that is in a pool that is a winner take all.  The winner is simply the one that wins the most games.  Does not matter if you do not pick the final winner etc.

After the first week I am now at 32 wins and in third place.  It appears that the winner will get $150 - sounds good to me.

Wish me luck.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Bracket Busters

Life in America is all about the NCAA Mens Basketball.   The question today whether or not your bracket has been busted yet.

So far I still have a live team all the way to the finals.  It has been a year or two when I have gotten out of the first week of the tournament and still have a live one all the way to the finals.  This may not last.

How about you.

Is your bracket busted yet?

Thursday, March 17, 2011

March Madness - Baby

Yes, America is about March Madness.  What happens during March Madness. 

The week prior and up to this Thursday a lot of time is spent at offices with Team Building.  Not the type of team building that the company wants but the type of team building called "filling out the bracket"

I wonder how much time is spent on office brackets.  I wonder how much money is spent on the brackets in the office and elsewhere.

Do you fill out a bracket. 

Guess I need to get mine done..

Monday, March 14, 2011










Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Best Time of the Year.

Yes, the best time of the year is coming soon.  The time is spring and the activity is March Madness.  Why is March Madness so much fun.

It is because of:
  • the Challenge of winning a game or being done for the year.
  • The challenge of filling out a bracket and guessing who will win.
  • The chance to win the office pool
  • The chance for an underdog to win over the big boys.
  • the Chance for John Pelphrey to get fired and Arkansas to get a new coach.
What do you like about this time of the year?

Monday, March 7, 2011

Many times life in America is about do-it-yourself projects including such things as wood resurfacing.  Yes, there are many people that would rather do something themselves rather than hiring someone else to do the project for them.  A benefit of this is that if you do it right, it is many times a lot less expensive to do it yourself.

I like to work with wood and therefore I find myself many times working away doing such things as wood sanding and wood restoration projects.  These projects can be challenging but are very rewarding when you stand back and view the finished project. 

One of the most rewarding projects that I have done of this nature is re-doing floors in a home.  This looks sometimes like a massive project but when broken down into several smaller projects it became very manageable. Also, necessary in this type of project is the right equipment.  As always when you are in need of information about the right techniques or about getting the tools and equipment you need to do something as a floor project, I go to the internet. 

This is where you find someone such as  This may be enough said about this project.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Celebrity Apprentice

Ok, there is nothing on Television and I have found myself watching Celebrity Apprentice.  I did kind of enjoy the show.

Lots of stars selling pizzas and slicing up each other along with the pizza.  Who is right and who is wrong. 

Richard Hatch from the original survivor is on there.  His problem is that he has his clothes on.  If you watched survivor you know what I mean.

My greatest fear and I am going to make sure that this doesn't happen is that Willy gets hooked on this show and watches it every week.  NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.

10-4 wILLY

Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Steam Team Texas!

Life in America takes us to Austin today.  What is it that takes us to Austin on Life in America.  Well the topic around Austin today is cleaning and cleanup repairs.  I am very familiar with what water damage can do to a house.  Here are some of the things that you need to think about if you are in the Austin area and have these needs.

The first thing that you might not notice but that is very important is the idea that you might have subfloor water damage austin style.  You may not even notice that you have this unless you find the right company to come in and do your cleanup after water damage.  Another thing that you will need is the best carpet cleaning companies austin style.  Yes, the carpet may be cleaned by just anyone but unless it is done right by those that are trained, you may be sorry. 

Well, sometimes the water damage is related to smoke or a fire.  When you have that issue you may also want to know something about thermal fogging for smoke damage austin style.  This is something that I was not familiar with but now I am.  The next question is was all of this done by thunderstorm damage austin style? If the answer to this or to any of the above is yes and you need help then you probably should know about The Steam Team of Texas.

That is what Life in America is about today.

Simple Life


Sometimes we make life more difficult than it should be.  Maybe we need to consider the message on this shirt.

What if it really is just that simple.  Should we slow down and take it a little easier. 

Just saying!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Willy Covers it with a Tarp!

Willy likes indoor and outdoor cooking utensils.  This means that the outdoor grills and utensils are subject to the weather.  What is Willy to do?  Well, the thing that Willy might do is to get a great tarp to cover each of these items.  That is the way that Willy will take care of his things. 

Willy also knows that there are many different types of tarps that he might use for this process.  Willy might think about using a canvas tarp, white canvas tarps or maybe even clear tarps so that people could see Willy’s great tools.  Cause Willy has nice tools.  Do you have nice equipment that you might want to cover?  If so, read on!

So you see where Willy is going with this?  Willy is trying to tell his many readers that tarps are important when they are needed and they are good for protection and protection is very, very important to everyone.  That is what Willy is all about.  What about you?  Do you need a tarp?  Just as Willy has said previously, get a tarp and get protected. 

That is what is cooking over at Hillbilly Willy’s house today. Is a tarp in your future?

10-4 Willy

Charlie Sheen Sets record

The story today is that Charlie Sheen is a record holder.

Yes, Charlie set up a Twitter account and in less than 25 hours he had over 1 million followers.  That is amazing. I have been on twitter over a year and I have 5oo followers.   The difference --- What I say makes sense - what Sheen has to say is off the wall and is crazy.  He is a nut case. 

Why do people want to hear Charlie Sheen over Me.

Who knows.

That  is what Life in America is about

Thursday, March 3, 2011

SMC–Great Company!

I have been hearing and thinking many times about specialty merchandise corporation better known as smc.  Yes, this company has always intrigued me and even though some people throw out some lame specialty merchandise corporation complaints, I am not concerned.  If there was a concern then a person should check out specialty merchandise corporation bbb report and find that this could likely be a smc scam complaint that is not valid. 
This is a good company and all of this hogwash is taking money out of peoples pockets that would otherwise be joining the company and making money.  So, regardless of what you have heard, know the truth that this is a good company and one that many people enjoy working with and one with which many people are making good money.
So, if you are one who would like a regular or online business that is reputable and one that can make you money with the right amount of work then you might want to look into SMC.  if you think you are interested then jump in with both feet and get with a money making idea.
You will be glad you did.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wisdom on a Shirt

This is a shirt that many women might be interested in wearing.  Sounds like a true statement to me!




Knife Depot

Life in America knows the importance of a knife.  Yes, knives are a part of America.  There are such knives as the bowie knife and in those days almost everyone had a knife on their side.  Davy Crockett carried a knife.  Jim Bowie carried a knife.  Yes, in the stories and pictures of the early days of America everyone carried a knife.

Well, in the southern part of America a knife is still important.  Most people do not carry one on their belt but most men will certainly have a folding pocket knife.  The reason is that there are all kinds of reason to carry a knife.  You never know when you will have to cut something or when you might have a bear attack you and that pocket knife might be all you have.   However, the importance of a knife is also seen in many people and especially in military is the tactical knife .  They will usually have these on there person when on duty.  They are important.  Another knife is just any old knife that many people use which is just a plain fixed blade knife.

The question is are you a real American and do you have a great need for a great knife.  Guess where you might go to find what you are interested in.

Just my thoughts on knives.