Sunday, September 30, 2007

Life In America - Our Privileges!

It is always good to reflect occasionally on what we truly have in this wonderful country.

Today is Sunday and I had the privelege of going to Church and Worship without anyone saying a thing against it. I probably took this for granted!

Yesterday we had a 81st Birthday Party for a dear person in our lives. Many people came freely and enjoyed the celebration. I probably too this for granted!

I went out last week and replaced the tattered American Flag on the flag pole at work. Did I think about what it meant. - Guess what! I took it for granted.

I am going to go to work freely in the morning and hopefully give a days work for a days pay! I take this for granted every week - I even gritch and groan a little about it. What is my problem?

I had family and friends gather at my house yesterday for fun and fellowship. Did I take it for granted - Yes - but I did enjoy it greatly!

What do you have that you take for granted each day and week?

Have you thanked the Good Lord today for the wonderful life that you have?

Don't take it for granted! Give thanks today and enjoy what you have!

My thoughts for now!

Tattoo Dating? WOW!

I can't believe I am writing about tattoo dating sites and tattoo personals - but to everyone there own choice. I have never liked tattoos myself, but I understand that there are those out there that do.

If this is your thing then this website would be the thing for you. It gives a great deal of information on this tattoos and tattoo personals.

All I can say for it is if this is your thing - go for it. If it is your thing - maybe I am closed minded - then this is the site for you.

Again - go for it. Enjoy!

As I say many times - it takes everyone to make Life in America! The heart is the real person! Why should I judge?

Football and America! Root for the Home Team

We as Americans- at least many of us are obsessed this time of year with football.

We root for the home team - high school on Friday night - especially if our kid is playing on the field, or as cheerleader or band or pep squad or wherever.

We root for the college team of our choice - Go Razorbacks - or whom ever might be your favorite team.

We root for or favorite NFL team - Go Cowboys! - or whom ever might be your favorite team.

We root on our favorite Church on Sunday morning - if we are not too tired from all of that football rooting. -- Or Do We! (How did that get in here - this was about football.)

My thoughts for now!

Senior Singles Dating - Ok-Go for it!

My first thought on senior singles getting back in the senior dating game was "I think that would be a little strange to think about."

However as I am exposed to more and more of older Americans who have lost loved ones and see sometimes the fact that they are still much alive and need of companionship - I think why not dating for seniors.

I am not sure that this would be for all seniors if they suddenly found themselves back in the senior dating pool again, but I’m actually finding that senior personals and dating sites aren’t as far fetched as I would have originally thought. Maybe it is just that I’m not as open minded enough, but I didn’t realize until this past couple of years that seniors were out there dating.

But how cool, huh? Everyone deserves to be happy and in love, so why not. I found out recently that my older brother, who married a second time a couple of years ago, found the new love of his life on line.

All I can really say is "go for it!"

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Gene Autry - 100 Years

Today is a great occassion -the 100th Birthday of Public Cowboy #1 Gene Autry

He was not just a cowboy, and singing cowboy entertainer, but he was a model American. Owner of the Angels baseball team, and the only person to this day to have a star on the Hollywood walk of Fame in ALL 5 categories.

He is a man among men. He is a true hero,

Where are these type of heroes today? Thanks Gene! May your true story live on for generations!


Read more at Conservative Cowboy

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Carnival of the Recipes - Sounds Like a Party

The Carnival of the Recipes is a great way to get new food recipes and to see what others are blogging about. Willy - the owner and manager of this site along with Hillbilly Willy - Fun Food and Politics and Arkansas a great place to live- has become a regular contributor of the Carnival of the Recipes.

The Carnival this week is hosted by "CATCH THE SPOON" who has put together a nice little story about what is being consumed in the way of food and beverages in their apartment building.

Check it out and see what is going on. You might find some new sites or food that you might like.

Doba - Great Wholesale Products

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Just think- a way to get merchandise very cheap. Get the merchandise drop shipped direct to your customer. Lets see ?Make Money? I guess you will.

Try it out - there is a free trial. How can you miss?

Stamp out Leukemia BlogRoll

Just another plea for the Leukemia Fund raiser in honor of my Grand Nephew River Nicolas Wise. As stated in an earlier blog he has had leukemia which was diagnosed shortly after birth. This is a plea for bloggers to join my blogroll against leukemia. You can click on the email address given here and I will email you the code for the blogroll. Also you can go here and make a donation. It will be greatly appreciated and goes 100% to the foundation for finding a cure.

It is hard to believe but this little fellow has leukemia! He was diagnosed shortly after his birth. His name is River Nicolas Wise. He is my Grand-Nephew. His aunt is raising money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society to try to work toward an elimination of this dreaded disease.

I am asking that you join my Leukemia Blogroll in support of this cause. In joining I would hope that you would go to the Leukemia - Run For River - Website and make a donation. Anything will be appreciated. If you do make a donation there - It will ask for your name. After it please put "blogger" to show the blogger community support for this cause. All of your money goes to the foundation - not to suppor the runner!

You do not have to donate - you can simply join this blog in support of the cause. The more people that might see the blog on different websites the more opportunity to gain funds to help the cure.

Get the code by sending me your blogsite url and a brief description - copy it to your side bar - email me here - I am new to this so let me know if you have problems

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Beach Cruisers - Great Bicycle

Check out these beach cruisers, bikes like you wont believe. These are a great bike for seemingly a great price. And just think, Christmas season is coming and it means thousands of bikes will be given as Christmas presents.

You can get yours here at beach cruisers, Christmas present made easy.

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Run for River - Cure Leukemia!

It is hard to believe but this little fellow has leukemia! He was diagnosed shortly after his birth. His name is River Nicolas Wise. He is my Grand-Nephew. His aunt is raising money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society to try to work toward an elimination of this dreaded disease.

I am asking that you join my Leukemia Blogroll in support of this cause. In joining I would hope that you would go to the Leukemia - Run For River - Website and make a donation. Anything will be appreciated. If you do make a donation there - It will ask for your name. After it please put "blogger" to show the blogger community support for this cause. All of your money goes to the foundation - not to suppor the runner!

You do not have to donate - you can simply join this blog in support of the cause. The more people that might see the blog on different websites the more opportunity to gain funds to help the cure.

Get the code by sending me your blogsite url and a brief description - copy it to your side bar - email me here - I am new to this so let me know if you have problems

Friday, September 21, 2007

Excellent Video and Speech - Randy Pausch

Randy Pausch, PHD - Speech of a Lifetime

This is an amazing speech by a gentleman who has been given 3-6 months to live. He is a dynamic speaker.

He has some great life lessons in this short 18 minute speech. I came on it by hearing about him on ABC - Good Morning America.

Check it out - he is amazing.

Tennessee Bird Walk - a little humor in song

Check out this song - Tennessee Bird Walk. It has probably been around a long time but I just now heard it and that is what counts. These folks seem to have a bunch of wacky songs.

This is one of them. You can also view there other stuff at Jack &

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Raven reviews and interviews Curt Finch

Raven's Project Management Blog does a great job on many subjects. Raven has especially done a great job on an interview with Curt Finch on his new book on time tracking: All Your Money Won't Another Minute Buy.

Raven asks many to the point and pertinent questions of Mr. Finch. From this you can discover the thoughts that Mr. Finch on how time tracking will change many things in Corporate America if the points in the book are followed.

All I can say is great job again Raven.

Just my thoughts for now!

When we think we have it all down. We might wake up to find that it all has us down.

Confidence is a great thing! Cockiness is not necessarily confidence.

Growing old is growing wiser - sometimes if we grow old enough we grow wise enough to know that we are old enough to be wiser. (digest that one)

In high school football we were told "no pain - no gain" As we grow older we learn "no pain - lots of tylenol."

When I was a high school senior I could take 200 pounds, lift it off the floor and over my head. - at 55 years old it is about all I can do to get 200 pounds out of bed in the morning and put it on my legs.

Life is good - Live it to the fullest!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

New Zealand Property - A Great Investment

Have you ever been to New Zealand or thought about buying new zealand property ? The answer is probably no. That was my answer before I visited the website that tells all about it.

Why would someone look at investing in New Zealand Property you ask? Well here are some of the reasons that are given on the website - and they make lots of sense.

New Zealand is an attractive market for investment because:

comparatively high depreciation rates, making investment property even more tax effective.

No land tax

No property purchase tax

No wealth or death duty taxes.

The question why wouldn't someone want to invest in new zealand property ?

Pack up all you woes - Live!

As we go about our daily grind, we often think that things are bad and we grunt and groan about what we have to do and the problems that we have. Well, lets stop and think.

An old preacher used to have a few quips that I always thought was amusing but were always right on point. When someone would say something about "Under the circumstances" He would always come back with - what are you doing under there! Get out from under there and live!

Another thing that he always mentioned when someone started lamenting over all there troubles was that if we would all bring our troubles to a central place in a large bag we could dump them all in the middle and then choose a bag other than our own to leave with.

He said that he believed that 9 times out of 10, after looking them all over that we would probably leave with the same bag that we came with.

Life is too good to dwell on the problems! There are too many good things to look at!

Get out and live!
Just my thoughts for now!

Bad Credit - Check This Out

What you say! You have bad credit and it is not really your fault. Well whatever caused it, what ever reason that you have bad credit there is something for you that you didn't expect.
It is bad credit credit cards. Yes that is what I said, credit cards for people with bad credit.

The number of "bad credit" consumers in the U.S. is growing everyday, and this site is a great resource to help these consumers get back on their feet financially. Rather than applying for the first offer that comes in the mail, our site allows visitors to compare dozens of bad credit offers from major providers and find the best offer to fit their needs. And by making payments on time, consumers can rebuild their credit and, perhaps, their financial future.

Need a home loan and you have bad credit. Check them out! They can help. The old clunker car play out and you need a new car loan. Guess what, they can help.

What ever your credit needs are go to .

They can help!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Job! Job! and More Job!

Another hard week at the office sprinkled with those things that I like to do! As a lender I find that the thing about my job that I like the least is lending.

I prefer the hunt for the new game, (prospecting) the luring of them into my woven web, (the sales call) and then catching the prey (the close). The problem with all of that is the last phase - cleaning the catch (paperwork).

Most of this week was in the office doing the paperwork. For you see, I have a very small office, just me and the secretary. She has been out all week and a substitute was there just answering the phone. Not much help to me in the paperwork.

I did have the opportunity to go on the hunt a couple of times but these are in the evenings and on Saturday! Somehow this after hours hunt is not as much fun as during the working day.

I was able to go to customers house and view their farms twice this week during the day but then last night I went on a "Pasture Walk" given by the Soil Conversation Service. This was an evening for them to discuss the aspects of strip grazing on your land and many of the local cattlemen would be there. Also, it was being held on a customer's place. This was ok but staying out late as I get older is not my favorite thing.

Then tomorrow as a Public Relations thing that my company does, I "get to go" to the county fair and bid for the company in the livestock auction. - Not a bad time just bad timing. I prefer my Saturdays to be for family and me.

Oh Well. All I can say is come on customers - I got goals to make and incentives to reach!

Thank you Lor for the Job that I have!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Digital Camera - Capture that Bull Ride Action!

I love digital cameras! I have owned one for several years. However, my budget is such that until I wear the old one out it is not feasible to buy a new one. The old one has a very slow response time, slow shudder spped and small mega pixels. It was great when it was purchased but technology has changed so much in the past few years that it would be great to have a new one.

That brings me to my wishes! To take great action shots that I enjoy, nothing would be better to have than the Nikon D300! Looks great doesn't it.
This is one of the latest and greatest by Nikon! 12.3 mega Pixels. Wow! What I could do with this camera!
This camera would be great to take pictures at the Annual Civic Club Bull Ride. I have taken pictures before but the clarity and the stop action with the old camera is not good. This bayb would capture it all! From the bulls great bucking action to the stop action of the cowboys hitting the ground, this would capture it in amazing clarity. The only thing that I have to do is stay out of the bulls way while I punch the button.
Man! Any of you out there that might read this blog, help me leave hints for my wife. What a great Christmas gift. Be sure and put a card on the package "OPEN ME FIRST"! Where have I heard that before.
Great camera, great camera website!
Check it out!

Name That Tune/ Fried Chicken

A few posts back I had a nostalgic moment about fried chicken and Sunday dinner. In that I had a "name that tune" with the following lyrics:

Then I crossed the empty street,'n caught the Sunday smell of someone fryin' chicken.
And it took me back to somethin',That I'd lost somehow, somewhere along the way.

For the few readers who followed up with naming the tune, singer and writer:

Artist: Kristofferson Kris
Song: Sunday Morning Coming Down

The most famous singer of the song was probably Johnny Cash as seen in the Video Version Below!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Name that Tune - Biscuits and pie

Had biscuits and custard and chicken pie
We all got Sunday fed
But I know darn well when my time come
I was headed for the foot of the bed.

Just another line from an old song. This might come from the guess at the previous blog.

Name that tune and name the little singer!

Comments welcome

Pingo - Call Home E T

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Monday, September 10, 2007

Name That Tune/ Fried Chicken

Then I crossed the empty street,
'n caught the Sunday smell of someone fryin' chicken.
And it took me back to somethin',
That I'd lost somehow, somewhere along the way.

Thoughts today went back to my early days growing up and through high school. We lived about 10 miles in the country, but on Sunday for many years all of my brothers, sisters and in-laws that lived anywhere nearby would come to Mama's house for lunch.

What do you think was on the table about 3 out of four times. Yes... some of the best fried chicken you could ever get.

Well as stated the line from the above song was heard today and brought back these great memories.

Leave a comment and guess that tune along with who wrote it and who is tagged with it being their song.!

You never know - the first to get both right might win something - or maybe not!

Enjoy Life! It comes but once!

Phoenix Arizona Realtor - Experienced, reputable and professional.

Life in America is great. This has to do with the fact, that as I near retirement age, I find myself more and more looking at websites to decide if Arkansas is the right place to stay after retirement or if I would like to go somewhere else.

Well, today I found a site that talks about real estate in Arizona and how a group known as the Holm Group serves both the Scottsdale and Phoenix Real Estate Agent to aid both the seller and buyer of excellent real estate properties in Arizona.

This group has excellent sales and marketing experience which greatly aid in their continuing success.


FREE AZ MLS Search - Search all of the AZ MLS listings in real time.
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FREE Arizona Golf and Subdivision Maps - Look through both the Golf Maps and the North Scottsdale Maps sections of the web-site to find your perfect home and valley location.

Featured Communities - Check out up to 10 of Scottsdale's finest communities (updated periodically). Each community has a detailed descriptions regarding the community as well as up to date inventory. Premier Golf Properties - Check out the valleys top golf courses and golf course homes.

Check this site out. It is a great site to explore the Arizona area Real estate.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Nostalgia day - The Beatles -Give their names!

Just a little Nostalgia from a few years back..1960+.
Many of you are too young to remember.
Watch the Beatles sing "All My Lovin"

Then post a comment and dont cheat by looking it up --Name
all four beatles.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Freds in the Race!

To check out Fred's announcement go to this site. Fred is in!

Not sure what I will complain about now that he is in!

Databang Media Network

There is a Technology Blog that I have found that gives great insight into today's technology and media. This blog and website take on many of the issues about "The Future of Online Social Networking" , and things such as "How to Value an Internet Marketing Company"

All of this is brought to you by DataBanq Media, whose expert bloggers, such as David Bayer, share stories covering a variety of topics ranging from social networking to theories behind search engine algorithms.

Anyone wanting an insight into network media and marketing should find this website ingrigueing.

Check it out

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Rebublican Debate!

I listened briefly to the debate this evening. Did not care for the format!

Not sure who won - who lost- not sure I care.

Why not - No Fred!

Campaign Signs

Wow! If a person needs campaign signs, I have found the website to visit.

This is a really good website with lots of good content, articles, etc. They claim to be the #1 yard sign company on the internet, and I believe it.

The name of this site is One of the great things that I like is the talking head that begins on the front page of the site and gives you an overview of the site. Then there are the easy to understand tabs at the top that tells you to "get started", "pricing", "order now" and "contact".

Each of these tabs are simple and easy to follow and after looking at each tab it is apparent that you will end up with campaign signs that are exactly what you want and signs that will greatly enhance your election possibilities.

If all of that is not enough there are tabs at the bottom to give you the opportunities to read all about campaign signs, styles, and any questions that you might have. Wow! this site has it going.

It is obvious why this is the best site for campaign signs. Clarity of information and undoubtly a good product.

What more could you want! Try them out.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Holiday Weekends

Holiday weekends are great to have and terrible to end. I looked forward all last week to having the three day weekend. I totally enjoyed Saturday just taking life easy and doing very little while enjoying the company of my lovely wife.

Sunday was a nice day for worship, Sunday School, an afternoon nap and again just enjoying life.

Well Monday came - we needed to mow and weedeat the yard, clean the house, wash the clothes, vaccum the car and go to the store. Well, really, I was pretty rested and enjoyed a little physical activity. Then comes Monday night, the blues set in. Got to go back to work.

Well, today was back to work with lots to do. Seems like a day off takes its toll on the next two days at work. Can't seem to catch up.

Thank goodness it is a short week. How long is it till Friday? - check it out!

I sometimes get into computer games. Well check out this Fansite for Lunia . This is a game I honestly know nothing about, but in looking around this fansite for the game and looking at the Lunia Guides , I believe it might be a game that would be very interesting... Maybe if I were younger.

But if you are into things like this game, this fansite and Lunia Forum looks like the place to discuss all about the game which is an Action Arcade MMO.

Check it out it may be something that would really be good for you.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Today is opening Day

Take it for what you want. Two things happened today that is significant for Arkansas RedNecks and many others.

Today is the opening of Dove season -
it is too hot to hunt but they are out there.

Shotguns drawn and blazing in the air over every available water
hole. The mighty hunt is on at daylight. Around lunch time the
hunters will adjourn to a common place. They will grill up their
dove breasts with a little bacon wrap. Some will partake of adult

The talk will soon turn to deer season coming up or razorback football.

The only reason that people will not be at the dove hunt today if they are any kind of hunter is the fact that they went to Northwest Arkansas to see the second thing that starts today.

Razorback Football and Darren McFadden - Heisman trophy candidate.

And you can be sure as they tailgate before the game today - two things will be discussed.. Razorback football. How they really enjoy dove hunting "maybe" and for sure - upcoming deer season.

When deer season comes it is predicted that on opening day of gun season there will be over 300,000 people in the woods. That is more than the population of Little Rock

Life is great - aint it.

Get Away with

Check out great Hotel Reservations on this site. If you dont try it how will you know?

My thoughts are this:
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About three years ago I took the wife on a big old cruise. I wishes he had known about Hotel Reservations back then. But heck - I didn't hardly even know what the Internet was back then. How times have changed. To now have the world of knowledge at your fingertips and get the best knowledge about where to stay and when to use Hotel Reservations such as those provided by this site.

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