Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day - REMEMBER






Saturday, May 29, 2010

TheCarConnection - Great Car Information!

Are you going through a mid-life crisis and you need to get that hot car to drive around.  Then you might want to check out the TheCarConnection and see their pictures and find out a  ford mustang price.  Or if those thoughts that you have are about that luxury car and how distinguished that you would look and you now want to know something about an infiniti you might want to check out the infiniti ex price and the great pictures and info that you can find out about this wonderful car. 

What I am trying to tell you if you have that desire to have a new and different car then TheCarConnection is a great place to look at things like Luxury car photos or to find things like pictures or a dodge avenger price that will let you know if you can afford such a hot looking car.

What is great on their site you can even get an application for your phone that will let you look at all of this stuff on your mobile phone on the go.  This is great information that you might want to check out.

Fireworks etc!

Memorial day holiday should be about honoring those who support us so we can do what we do.  We do appreciate those soldiers, veterans and all of the military.  Thank You.

We also know that this is a holiday that moves us into the summer and vacation season.  What will you do for vacation this year.  Wife and I are thinking about a long weekend trip to Niagara Falls. 

But my title says fireworks.  Question is where do you go to see fireworks.  Sunday night on the Arkansas River the Riverfest Celebration ends with the Osborne Family Fireworks.  If you want to see a great fireworks show, you should be there.

That is my thoughts for now.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Why Would anyone Believe SubmitEdge Services Works?

Why is the question that I have when I look at SubmitEdge for a link building service.  Yes, Why would I believe that this company can live up to what they say that they can do.

Well, I guess the first thing to do would be to look at their claims.  They say that SubmitEdge is an ethical search engine optimization firm which offers the following:
  • search engine optimization
  • link building 
  • directory submission
  • article submission
  • blog review
  • SEO Web Design
  • content writing 
  • press release 
  • and other SEO solutions.
Well, that all sounds like a mouthful.  However, after reading their website and looking at what they do and how they do it.  I am beginning to believe.  Yes, they talk sense.

Here is the sense that they talk that makes me believe that they really know what they are doing.

Key Features:
  • We manually submit to all directories. Our 68 staff members are well trained and they follow all submission guidelines.
  • The links that you get are one-way permanent links for your website; no reciprocal links are required.
  • We constantly, review, verify and update all the links in our 8000+ directories.
  • We provide excellent customer service; all queries will be answered within 24 hours.
  • We give full report on submissions. Click to see a sample report.
  • We submit your site to directories with high PR rank. To view a full list of these directories, Click Here.
  • Each submission to directory will cost you 8 cents; our directory submits are among the most competitively priced on the Internet. For just USD 60 you can get your site submitted to nearly 750 directories.
  • We allow our users to give 10 unique titles and 10 unique descriptions to avoid duplication of content.
How great is all of that?

Well, after great length of reviewing their site and checking them out I have become a firm believer that this folks can do what they say.  They can do it and complete the task with integrity and ease of operation.

Is this site for you.  I believe it is.  Check it out.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

9 - 5

9 to 5 What a way to make a living. Boy that ought to make a good title to a song.

Why is it that the older I get and the closer to retirement that I get that the words to that song seem to make a lot more sense. Why does work seem so gruesome these days.

Has the job changed. Have I changed. Have the people changed.

I believe it is all of the above. The job is more demanding - more on performance and less on helping people.

I have changed. My enthusiasm is harder to muster and people that you work with are different.

Hey - it is still a great job and it does make a grat living.

My thoughts for now.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Back to Basketball in America

Well Boston thought that they were going to bring out the brooms and sweep Orlando in Boston. However, Boston failed to break out the broom, and now the C's will travel to Orlando for Game 5. What will they do now. Will they go to Orlando and kick butt as they have in the past or is it a major conspiracy to make the NBA season last forever.

Is it just me or does the NBA season seem to go on and on and on.

Well, what else is left to do at this time in sports. There is the NCAA tournaments in Baseball.

But, waits lets see what happens in NBA basketball in America. Who do you think will win.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Online Statistics Tutoring!

Tutoring online is available for k-12, back to school and college tutoring.  Tutoring online is great because it is there when you need it and for the reasons that you need it.

Something that might be especially helpful is the fact that there is  Statistics help that is available and that a  Statistics tutor can help you if you are struggling with  Statistics problems.

So if you are struggling with Statistics questions and need to get some help you can get that first  free Statistics help  while you decide if you can really get all of the  Statistics answers from this sort of help.

So if you don’t know by now I believe that online tutoring can be a very good thing that anyone might  use.  Try it out.

Weekends, Weeks, What, When, Where, Why

Used to be that the weekends were fast and furious in our younger day when we had a daughter in school and there were things that had to be attended. We would come home from work, go to basketball game, soccer practice, school functions etc. On the weekends we would squeeze in some family fun but it would be squeezed among other activities around the kid.

Now, as there seems to be more time on the weekend to do things, I am too tired to do anything . I am too tired from the work week that just passed that did not really have a lot of extra activities outside of work. So then What is it that is sapping the life out of me so that when the work week is over I am too tired to do anything but sit over the weekend and type on this computer.

So then When is it that the energy fairy comes around and seems to sap the life out of me. I have no energy and seem to do less than we used to. Used to do a lot and still have some energy.

So then Where is it that I am going to go to get that energy back and get going. When I retire in a few years I might want to go do something. Got to have energy to do it.

Why - could be that I come home and sit in front of the TV and on this computer and get no exercise and that is what is sapping the energy out of me.

Guess I better get off this thing so I can go to work and get tired.,

Guess I might come home and try to get some exercise.

Need to get a young pill. That might help to.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Find It with

Well, lets say that you are looking for something that is local in yourlogoLocal[1] own area or community.  Or what if you are going somewhere for vacation and you want to do a local search of that area to find exactly the things that you want to do while you are there. What is the best way to do these searches to make sure that you get the best information in the easiest and fastest way possible in your internet search.  Well, I have decided that the best way to do this is is a local search engine. More than just an online yellowpages, is a hybrid of the following sites -,,,

Yes has partnered with all the above mentioned sites, offers the value proposition of allowing users to visit one site to view the content from all these sites. You can find accurate driving directions, business contact information and hours, as well as an aggregate of reviews from mulitple sites -- essentially a 1 stop shop for finding local businesses and services. Users can also write their own reviews and contribute.

So, if you are wanting to do a local yellow pages search, a search of local restaurants or just find anything of interest in a local area, seems to be the best choice.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Technical Difficulties

Life in America is not without its technical difficulties.  Just recently I purchased a new computer.  After having it about two weeks I discovered that the webcam did not work properly.  This should be under warranty and was.  However, I had to send the computer in and then wait two weeks and then get it back and see if it was working.  Well, for $40 I could get them to come out under warranty and fix it on sight.  Sounded better to me and would be that I was not without computer just for fixing a webcam that I probably would not use often.

Got that fixed and then discovered that the computer came from the factory with the hard drive partitioned incorrectly.  The way it was set up I was going to be out of drive space for storage in about a month and then their would be issues.  I remind you that it came from the factory set up wrong. 

I called support and they agreed that it was wrong and if I sent it in they would fix it by re-installing the hard drive and I would lose all settings, programs and any changes that I had made.  I had just spent two weeks getting it like I wanted and everything was sweet.

The geek on the phone said the other option was another $40 and they would come on site and do the same thing.  Here is where I ask for supervisor.  He does not talk good English either but I did get him to understand that I was not happy.  He escalated problem and someone who spoke good English called the next day and stated that they would send someone on site to fix at no cost.

They did come – they did fix and I have spent last three days trying to figure out why the monitor which is supposed to be an HD display looks like the worst CRT model.  They had messed something else up again.  Two days and several hours later i discover the issue and get it fixed. 

I am now about 90% back to where I was about three weeks ago.

That is technical difficulties in America.

Online Tutoring - K-12 through College

An   Online Tutor is something that has recently come to my attention and makes more sense than I thought it might.  It even makes more sense if you realize that you can even get a sample of  Free Online Tutoring
when you check out the type of tutoring that you need and what type is available.  All of this is available for all classes and is especially helpful for K-12 and college tutoring at .

So if you are in need of almost any kind of tutoring including  Math help or other types of tutoring just get online and the help is there.  So find that  Math Tutor  to help you be that  Math Problem Solver that you need to be and that  Online Math Tutor can help you get the grades you need.  

 So if you haven't figured it out yet, the thoughts here are simply if you need any kind of tutoring, you can find it online.  Yes, you can find  Math Tutors Online and just about any type of other tutoring that you need from companies such as  They  provides high-quality one-on-one supplemental education for K-12 and college students. Their "Assignment Help and Online Tutoring services" are convenient and affordable. Using their services, students can connect to a tutor as often as they need help and just when they are ready to learn.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Election Night in America

Primary election night in America is over. America has spoken and it is obvious that much America understands that if you send the same old people back to their elected positions that you will probably get the same old results.

Thus America is seeing a drift of some change that Obama has talked about. Not change in the fact of stimulus jobs that don't last but change that says we want real people making good decisions and listening to what we say and want.

Now the next question. Do I still have to see all of those ads that blare out of the television, the radio, the computer, by the side of the road, from the gas station from everywhere.

No, the ads will still be there because in only three weeks we get a runoff between many of those that had a close race.

Bring on the lies and nonsense. Heard it once - hear it again.

Those are my thoughts about America this morning.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

SubmitEdge - Dud or Stud - Does it Work?

So you want a SEO Firm that gives you great service in its Directory Submission and article submission.  You want a company that can increase your readership and can get the job done.
Then with all of this you need a SEO Firm that can give you the Article Submission quality that you want and the Link Building Service that is recognized by the search engines without causing any problems.  

Well, with all of these features you surely want SubmitEdge.   It appears to be a company that can do all of that and more.  What is more you ask.  More means that it has great people that are taking care with doing all of this with care and simplicity that works for you.  They allow you to see the reports that tell you how well you are doing and they can prove that it works.

So you ask, "dud or stud"   The word that must be right would be Stud - it really works.




Monday, May 17, 2010

Insurance is Important!

Life in America can be somewhat about those things that are important to us in real life.  Those thing that are important to us need to be taken care of.  What are the things in life that are important.  Here are the things that come to my mind.

First but not most important are our things.  The car, the boat, and the house are important and those things can be protected from insurance for those things.  That is just what they are - things.  The most important thing that is always the most important thing to take care of is the family.  How do you take care of the family.  Well, here are my thoughts on that.

The things such as the damage to any of the items mentioned above are taken care of by insurance.  However, they can also be taken care of by the protection of yourself and your family with insurance.

Yes, Life Insurance can be very important.  If you have the right amount of life insurance and something happens to you then the things can be taken care of by your family from the proceeds.  How do you make sure that you have the right amount and the best priced insurance you ask.  Well, that is where it is very important to get Life insurance quotes that will give you the best coverage at the best prices.  Therefore, if something happens to you then your family can certainly not replace you but can move on with replacement of your income.
What is also important in this realm is to have coverage with for Funeral insurance.This will help the family not have to worry about paying for things during a time of grief.

Insurance is important.  Think about it!

Life Is Supposed to Be Quiet Sometimes!

Early morning is supposed to be quiet around my house. Many times I get up at 5:30 or so and my wife does not need to get up until 7. This creates what is supposed to be quiet time. She remains asleep and I remain quiet so she can sleep.

When I am not quiet I get accused of being my Mother - God Rest her Sole. She could not be quiet and was always banging pots and pans very early in the morning.

Well, today was one of those days.

First act of the morning is to get the dog some food from the garage. Coming in from the garage with the bowl of dog food I hit the edge of the door and the food and bowl went everywhere. In cleaning it up I used a dust pan and scraped the floor. More noise. The cry came "What are you doing"

I went to the kitchen to get some yogurt out of the fridge. When I picked up the container I hit a lid on the roast dish and it fell off the dish onto the shelf. More noise.

However, now the coffee is cooking and the wife is getting up. Can I make some noise now.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Gold Investing - Do it Right!

Life in America is sometimes about investing.  Yes, I am talking about investing in real stuff that made America great.  That could easily mean investing in something as amazing as bullion.

Yes, something such as investing in gold bullion can be very lucrative.  If you want to do this type of investing, however, I would recommend finding a site that can give you the information about how to best buy bullion rather than just going out without information to buy gold bullion  on your own.

So, if your into buying gold and if you want to do it profitably, I would suggest that you get on the web and do your research so that your time and investments may be something that you enjoy as your dollars and your investment increase.

This is how Life in America becomes fun.

That is my thoughts for now.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Calvin Borel

What would Life in America be without the great horse race and the great little jockey.  Yes, you go to the month of May and you have the Triple Crown and the quest for one each year.  We go forward and we then discover that once again it is very elusive.

Calvin Borel who hails from south Louisiana: the heart of Cajun Country, is my kind of jockey.  Borel began riding in match races at the age of eight and is known for his Cajun accent and bubbly and emotional personality, both of which we saw during his post-victory interview after all three Kentucky Derby wins.

Over a career that has spanned 25 years, Borel has become known for his tireless work ethic as well as an ability to slip up the rail to save ground; his colleagues and racing fans therefore frequently refer to him as "Calvin Bo-rail".

Borel is 5 ft 4 in (1.63 m) and 116 pounds (53 kg).  He is a little man with a big heart.  However, today his big heart could not bring him a win in the second leg of the triple crown.

Proving again how elusive that great feat is.

Sorry, Calvin - maybe next year.

Web Hosting + Domain Name for $10 @ Nexx

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Nexx Online. All opinions are 100% mine.

NexxbannernoflashUnlimited Web Hosting is something that almost anyone would want that knows anything about web hosting.  Well NexxOnline has something that will interest you in this category.  They have rebranded there Nexx web hosting platform and to go along with the new launch they have attached a special promotion.

Here is there exact promotion:

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They say that they are committed to providing customers with affordable solutions to establish and grow web presence. This is where you and me should try them out.  Because at $10 for the first year, this unlimited hosting package seems to provide a great opportunity for all of us who are looking for great web hosting.a

Great to this offer is the fact that they also providing a money back guarantee to all new customers.”

So if you are interested in this please know that you can get the starting price of $10 for the first year. The promotional code is SPARK10. Be Sure to include that when you look for this Unlimited Web Hosting

Visit my sponsor: Unlimited Web Hosting + Domain Name for $10 @ Nexx

Friday, May 14, 2010

Life in America and Television

Life in America is not the same without a Television.  It is also amazing how very little there is to watch on Television.  I am very much a Golf junkie and enjoy watching the sport, especially when I am sleepy and need a nap.  Golf, as much as I like it, makes me want to take a nap and I usually do.

One of the things that I look for when there is nothing new on TV is one of two shows.  I look for NCIS or I look for Andy Griffith.  Both shows are simple but fun to watch and give hours of pleasure.

That is why I say things like Golleeeeee! - Good for You and Your Car!

 Ok, folks listen up.  What if you were in the Houston area and your car breaks down?  Who are you going to call?  No, not Ghost busters but you are going to find someone who knows a lot about Houston auto repair
and that would be someone like

This car that needs maintenance that your are driving might even be a nice car such as a Acura Integra,
If it is a great car like that and you need an oil change or maybe even a tune up you always want to find the right place that can do it right and do it for the right price.   Well, that is when you get online and you do what everyone else does and find the right place at the right time to do the right job for you and your great car.

Do you have it figured out yet.  You can find what you need when you need it for your car if you get online and check it out.  This is a simple way to get the right help.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

What is it all about?

Life in America is sometimes simple. Life can be about just going to work, coming home, mowing yard, eating supper and then getting up and doing it again. Then sometimes life is different.

Life can be about taking care of parents as a care giver. You the kid becomes the parent and the parent becomes the kid. Sometimes life can be about, life and death and what are the things that cause that. Life can be about what illnesses are out there that are bothering me or others and are they serious or or they not.

What is life all about. Sometimes it gets a little complicated.

My Super Night at the Casino

This is a guest post written by Anoly Corim

I love going to casinos. Where I live we started with an Indian casino and then casinos that had to be based on the water. Now our state has licensed many land based casino’s and have finally put one near where I live. I do not make regular visits to this casino because it can get very expensive.
One time I went to the Indian casino and had the night of my life. But it almost didn’t happen. I got about 5 miles from home and realized I had left my wallet at home. I turned around and went back home and rushed into the house. I also noticed I forgot to put the dog in its cage. So I put the dog away, grabbed my wallet and set my home alarms.
Once I got to the casino, I found a slot machine that looked interesting. It had a bunch of ping pong balls above it in a plastic bubble. I don’t know what I did but the balls started swooshing around and then an alarm went off. I had won over $400.
After that I was walking around and noticed a familiar person seated at a machine. It was my mother. So I sat down and told her what I had won on the other machine. I put some money in the machine I was sitting at and on the first play I hear another alarm go off. I had won $600 this time. Needless to say, I was excited.
I found out my dad and sister were at the casino too, so I offered to take them all to the buffet that the casino had. We had a great time laughing at each others stories and reminiscing about old times. When we were done eating I said I was going to head home.
On the way out of the casino I decided to put a few dollars into a dollar machine. No alarms this time but I had won another $150. It was definitely my one and only super night of great luck at the casino.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Baseball, Apple Pie, and Chevrolet

Right now in sports in America is not only baseball but also basketball. The NBA seems to go on and on and on and on. However, it will soon will be over.

I have no real interest in the NBA but I am interested in Razorback basketball. The hogs are leading the West in the SEC and are playing tonight in Little Rock Arkansas against LSU.

Hope the hogs do well. By the way where is the Chevrolet and the apple pie.

My thoughts for now.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

: No More Dial Up for Me!

This is a guest post by my brother William Dakets
Booking Vacation Travel for the Summer Over the InternetI just completed booking my family summer vacation online. It was not only lucrative but also a lot of fun. After viewing so many wonderful places to stay and visit I am very excited about going on our trip. The money saved by booking our travel over the internet will be saved for spending while we are on our vacation. I highly recommend planning your next trip using the resources like Hughesnet internet versus going through a travel agent.
Pictures and Videos of Vacation Travel Spots There are a plethora of pictures and videos available on the internet for your perusal. I loved coming home from work and downloading videos and viewing pictures of possible lodging and activities for our summer trip. Now that our travel is booked I still look at the videos and imagine I am already on vacation.
Comparing Prices and Locations Online Booking our summer vacation online was not only easy it was less time consuming. Comparing prices and vacation locations on different realtor and hotel web sites was very easy. These web sites quickly narrowed my searches based on price and location.
Planning Vacation Travel Online versus other methods we used to go through different realtors to book all of our family summer vacations. It is much more convenient to book online with Hughes Net versus having to flip through magazines, using a travel agency, or calling and talking to realtors on the phone. There is so much online information right at your fingertips.
For those of us that once struggled with dial-up internet connections, the incoming phone call was a cause for alarm. That ringing sound meant certain disconnection from the internet. When disconnected during online shopping, I had to restart orders from the beginning after redialing. In some cases, this could lead to billing errors. When browsing the web, high-speed internet service allows for an uninterrupted flow of information.
I love social networking websites. My friends post the most interesting links in status updates on Facebook and Twitter. With the faster speeds provided by Hughes internet service, I can visit links that contain streaming videos. I do not have to resist the urge to download large freeware programs. I can research complex subjects in a timely manner. With a dial-up connection, web browsing required incredible patience. Loading a simple website took several minutes. When streaming videos and downloading large files, I was forced to wait for hours. This discouraged me from visiting websites with compelling content. After choosing Hughes internet service, I can visit any link. With the help of fast data transfer rates, I am able to use all of the features on my favorite websites.
Since upgrading to Hughes internet service, I began watching television programs online. Some websites even offer high-definition videos. Hughes internet service delivers a fast connection that transfers huge video files in minutes. A dial-up connection would never enable convenient access to high-definition videos.
I enjoy a fast and stable connection. Web surfing is convenient and fun without constant disconnections. I canceled my dial-up plan and replaced it with hughsnet internet service.

Great Weather

We have experienced great weather the last few days.  What a change from last Friday and Saturday when tornadoes and rain and hail were jumping all over the state.  We went from times of being afraid and worrying about our lives and property to a time where all we can think about is getting outside and doing something in nature.

Why the extremes.  Why can't we just have nice weather all of the time.  I guess if we did we would not appreciate the good weather when we get it.

My thoughts for now.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Credit Repair - Get It If ou Need it!

Life in America is a complicated thing. During all of these complications we sometimes end up with some credit issues. That is when we need something as important as Credit Repair.

This is where someone would want to look into what some have called The Best Credit Repair Service that there is which is Consumer Credit Care Counseling. This is a place that is noted for helping Americans in need of credit repair to find the right solution for them. This is all important because the need for Credit Repair is important to our American lifestyle and our need to be able to finance or to buy the products that we need.

So as your life continues and you see that you have the need for credit repair services, why not use one that has a great BBB rating. This means that they are honest, reputable and are good at what they do. If you need help, get it!

These are my thoughts for now on this subject.