Friday, June 27, 2008

Don't Let the Bed Bugs Bite!

Well, Life in America can't always be good. There are sometimes stories that come such as "Hotel has millions of bed bugs in its mattress covers. Wow, how does that make you feel?

Well, never fear. On the internet there is just about everything. Yes you guessed it. There is a site that tells you how to rid yourself of a bed bug infestation, and all the problems associated with it. Never thought you would be looking that one up. Well, even the best of households can have this type of problem.

That site says that one of the first things anyone who finds out they have a bed bug infestation should get is a mattress encasement. This is just a little bit different from the standard cover you would get that just keeps the top from getting stains on it. Rather than just going over it, it actually zips around it entirely and seals up the inside - meaning no bugs are getting in or out. The ones that still live inside will die off, because they've got no chance to get out and get any food. That will take at least six months or so and up to eighteen in extreme cases (they can live a long time without feeding). However, there really isn't anything wrong with having them in there as long as they can't bite you.

Well, there you have it. If you got them - get them under control.

You don't want to have to use the old saying "goodnight and don't let the bud bugs bite."

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Price of Gas and Tough Times

Today's society seems to demand that we drive our vehicles. Between my wife and I we travel about 94 miles round trip for work each day. Our vehicles are not the most gas efficient, average about 17 miles to the gallon.

This would mean on a perfect day with no other driving that we would use about 5.53 gallons of gas each day. The price of gas today at the station that I most use is $3.93. This means that we would use $21.78 of gas per day. Five days of work and we have used up $108.

We are lucky that we both have good jobs with fairly good salaries. But think about some of the folks that aren't so lucky.

What if I was making $8.00/hr for a 40 hour week and traveling the same distance. That would mean that I was grossing $320/ week with a net of probably $275 per week. If I pay my gas bill that leaves me $212 per week for everything else.

That means that on an annual basis after I have taken care of getting to and from work that I have $11,000 to live on.

When was the last time you tried to do it all on that amount of money. Rent would probably cost $400 - $600 per month or $6,000 of the $11,000. If there are any kids that costs a bundle.

Times are tough! What is the answer?

Dating Affiliate Program

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This not fit what I do with my sites but if you are in this type of business, check it out!

Days are Good - Life in America!

Posted earlier about hoping the day would go good and took the occasional attempt at poetry. The day went better than the poetry did. Through my work I was able to meet a redneck and his preacher brother.

Both were very nice but in a very different way. The Redneck brother was older and it was obvious that he had a sense of taking care of little brother. Lets see we were talking about 35-40 year old folks.

Made for an interesting afternoon in my dealings with them.

It helps me remember that it takes all kinds to make up Life in America!

Power steering protects you, take care of it.

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What can be wrong with that idea. Nothing!
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Life In America - Have a good day!

Life is what you make of it.
That is what they say!
That is the plan I am going to take
As I go through out today.

The job may be tough
The day may be long
But if I take that attitude
I can come through it very strong.

Thank you Lord for Today and
With you help on these
I will have a very good day
It is you I want to please!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Enjoy the interactive 2008 Wimbledon LIVE experience as if you were there!

Wimbledon LIVE - Can you imagine that experience! Just think. You could be at your office when the matches begin. One of the great Williams sisters could be on the court going for their first win. Instead of wondering what is happening you could go to MediaZone and watch it as if you were there.

Want to watch more than one match at a time? This package allows you to watch the entire fortnight, including 8 concurrent courts LIVE, match highlights, player interviews, and large library of archived footage. What more could a great tennis fan want. This is one of the greatest packages I have seen.

Everyone that enjoys good tennis will enjoy having this capability.

So don't just sit there get the package so you to can enjoy the interactive 2008 Wimbledon LIVE experience as if you were there!

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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Life is What You Make of It.

I have always heard that life is what you make of it. It reminds me of this old tale.

A man drove into a new town that he was thinking of moving to and asked the man at the gas station what kind of people were in the town. Well the attendant said what kind of people were in the town you came from. The visitor preceded to tell him that the people were stuck up and rude and stingy and unfriendly.

Well said the attendant, you going to find that they are the same way here.

As the man filled up his tank with gas another visitor drove in and asked the same question.

Without suprise the attendant asked him again what type of people were there where he was coming from. Well the visitor said, they are kind, considerate, friendly. They are some of the nicest folks living there. I hate to leave.

Well said the attendant you are going to find the same type of people here.

Well the other guy heard what he said and immediately began to yell at him. There you are, I have already found a liar here. You either lied to me or him.

And the point is......................

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Rap Artist - Kanye West

Who is this Kanye West. I am trying to expand my horizons but this may be a little out of my reach. I took this opportunity to talk about this guy and here is information on Kanye West Profile you can also find Kanye West Lyrics on this site.

It is amazing to me. He looks like an adult but the picture shows his hat on crooked. At what age should you be required to wear your hat on straight. Well, as I said I am expanding my horizons.

I did not really look at any of the lyrics or anything. Hope this guy is somewhat ok. If you like this kind of stuff. Check it out.

My thoughts for now, and as you know it takes all kinds to make up Life In America.

Need a Vacation

I think it is time for a vacation. Work is slow and not much going on there. The grass is having to be mowed about every three days and I am tired of that already. Not much else going on.

Not too long though until a family reunion. That will be fun.

Going to Texas.

Just my thoughts for now.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Bright Lights for SocialSpark

Lets start with the basics. SocialSpark has a great code of ethics.

-100% Audit-able In-Post Disclosure
-100% Transparency
-100% Real Opinions
-100% Search Engine Friendly
Get Paid for Blogging!

How hard is that to beat. If this is lived up to it is great right off the start!

So now lets get to the meat of this thing called SocialSpark!

Do you love to blog? Are you a writer? Do, you get paid for it? If not it could be because of things like not belonging to SocialSpark. You could be spending your time writing about websites, products, services, and/or companies and earn cash for providing your honest opinion and valuable feedback to the advertisers.

Again, how cool is that?

Social Spark is the new social site designed to bring bloggers together in a social network in such a way that they can join the friendships and blogs brought forth and create great possibilities for making money.

Don't you want to join today.

Last but not least SocialSpark does not restrict how you express your thoughts on the Advertisers’ products and/or services. You are free to write or say whatever you want but always be honest in writing and reviewing the Opportunities.

You should always let your readers know that the particular post was paid/sponsored. Not being honest will eventually hurt your reputation and credibility.

Again, lets get blogging and make money on SocialSpark!

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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Hillary - Give it Up! Obama's Preachers - Shut it Up

Everyone in the United States right now knows that Hillary has lost except for Hillary. Why doesn't she give it up. That way we could spend more time hearing what another preacher might have to say from the pulpit that would embarass Barack Hussein Obama.

Why wont they just all shut up and get on with it.

Not a great McCain Fan but go John. The rest are idiots.

That what is happening in America today.