Tuesday, March 31, 2009

CEO - Barack Obama

Obama says that the US Government does not want to be in the business of running big business.

Next line - CEO OF GM - YOU'RE FIRED.


Sunday, March 22, 2009

March Past time - Expensive Past time?

A great past time in America during the middle of March is the MARCH MADNESS known as the NCAA tournament. What happens during this time?

  1. Office Brackets are filled out all over America
  2. Office time and internet and email usage is eaten up by studying and filling out the bracket.
  3. Money is put up - not really that is illegal - yea right.
  4. Office workers use the internet to watch the games or keep up on real time scoring.
  5. People take off vacation or call in sick.
  6. Someone wins - many lose.
Is this good for the office or bad for the office.

Comradre is built. - interaction between people that don't interact is happening.
Water cooler talk is greater than it has been in months.

May be good for the company.

Who knows. - Wait a minute did Missouri win that game. - Shucks.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Pork Barrell Spending

Obama is letting me down. His campaign promise to cut over 50% of the earmarks that come across his desk.

Well right now he is signing legislation that has almost 9,000 earmark projects.

The news media spin says that about 40% of these are coming from Republicans.

Well, my question is why didn't they say that about 60% were coming from the Democrats.

Political spin - campaign promises - bull hockey ---- all the same.