Sunday, October 31, 2010

Lockers for Sale at

 Where were you at the last time you needed a Locker.  This is the question that is being asked by the website that sells all kinds of Lockers.   They want you to know that there all are all kinds that are available.  They want you to know that there are designer lockers, vented lockers, standard lockers, specialty lockers and all types of locker accessories.  

So if you need School Lockers, Gym Lockers, Wood Lockers or just about any type of lockers you know that you can get them at  Just remember growing up how important that school locker was.  That was where you kept your valuable belongings.  That is where you kept your girlfriends picture.  That is where you kept anything that was important.  Or just think today when you go to the gym to workout.  That locker is very important to you to make sure your items are safe.  

My guess is that you don't pay attention to all of these lockers that are in your life.  What if you needed to know that there were Lockers for sale?  What would you do?  You need to know these things and maybe this information will help. 

Saturday, October 30, 2010


Who ever it was that said where ever I am there I is must not have been where he thought he was or he would not have known where he might have been if he were there.

If you believe all of that then you might be a redneck in America.  If you do not believe all of that then you need to know where you were at when you were where you were.  Seems to be ok to me.  How about you.

That is my thoughts for now if you call that thoughts.

Walden University for Online Education

 Online universities have been very much in the news lately and are decreed as an excellent way to gain that further degree that you might be interested.  It is also a way to get your first degree and to get that needed training that might just get you that better job.   The Chronicle of  Higher Education mentions these universities and gives good information about how to best utilize this great resource.   It mentions them and it also mentions how this education can be paid for by loans and grants for this type of education.

The next thought is about which of these are the ones that you might want to explore for this type of Education.   One university that I have discovered is Walden University.  It gets rave reviews and good reports from various sources.  It is one that you would probably want to check out if this type of eduction interests you.

In short online education appears to be good and is sanctioned for learning and loans from all the right sources.  This is something that many of you might want to check out and get the great information that is available.

Rangers Rangers

I have said it before and I am saying it again!


Off to a bad 0-2 start but maybe they can come back. 

Bats are cold - Pitching is bad

Other than that it looks like the Rangers can come back.

My thoughts for now.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Online Trading with Firstrade!

In America we like to trade stocks and manage our IRA Accounts with Online Trading. and many times we like to do this with an Online Broker.  The next question is where is a great place to do this online?  The answer to that might easily be Firstrade. 

Who is that you ask?  Well they are an online broker who make it easy to do Stock Trading and Mobile Trading and all trading very easy and very competitive.  They sound like a great company.

So if you are looking to trade stocks on line, manage your IRA account, ETFs and fixed income trading then you certainly might want to look into this company.  Your due diligence might easily and quickly give you the information you need to make good money.

That is my thoughts for now.

Pay it Forward in America

Might be simple but it still felt good and it made good use of a mistake.  What is it like in America to pay it forward.  It is a good thing to do something for someone unexpected.

Ok, it was as simple as giving a Starbuck's coffee that was made as a mistake when I ordered a Frappucino.  I stopped at Starbucks this morning which is something I very seldom do.  I stopped because I had a $5 gift card and wanted to spend it.  I ordered a something something Frappucino which is supposed to be cold.  When it came it was a hot drink.  Well, I don't know if it was me or them who made the mistake but they wanted to correct and let me keep the hot coffee.

I took them up on it and took the coffee to a meeting that I was fixing to attend and gave it to a young lady there.  She was tickled to death to get a free Starbucks coffee and I felt good.


Treat for myself

Guest post written by Rick Galveston

It had been a while since I had really spent my money on anything that you could really consider a treat. Well, I'm sure that for other people that would mean a vacation or something like that. But I'm a cook, so I wanted to redo my kitchen.

When I bought my house a few years ago, I knew that the kitchen would eventually get remodeled and I've had plenty of time to figure out exactly what I wanted. I had also done a lot of research so I knew taht I wanted Home Pro Improvement to handle the project.

After I called them, I had them put in some new appliances, along with some overhead racks to show off all of my nice copper cookware that I save up money for to buy a couple of months ago. My kitchen is my favorite room in the house, and even when I come home from a long day at work, I still like to cook in it.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

World Series

Here we go again.  This is October.  Time for Baseball, apple pie and Chevrolet and time for someone to believe that they can take the Rangers. 

Yes, the Rangers have never been here before.  This is why they will win.  They have no pre-conceived ideas of how this thing should ago.  They have no idea that they are not supposed to win.  I guess it is just time for them to take the series as quickly as possible and then get out of Dodge.

Do you believe the Rangers can do it?  Do you believe that Cliff Lee can win another one.

Do you believe you can fly?  Believe! Believe.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Online Games

Life in America is talking about games again today, but not baseball this time.  What kind of games are we talking about today?  Well, the games today are online games.  These are many of the great games that you might like to play that are based online.  Yes, there is a great demand for online games

People even find these almost addictive.  If you wonder what all of the craze is about you should go to some online games and play some of them and see what you think.  might   You find that there are games there that grab your attention and give your brain a tease to keep it sharp and clear.

So, if you like online games such as Uno or maybe even Wheel of Fortune then you might want to check out these online games and get into the play that is wild and fun.  This is the thoughts on this now.  Let me know what you think.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Rangers Vs Giants

Something great is fixing to happen in America.  What is this you ask.

The answer is that the Texas Rangers who have never played in the World Series is going to be there and they are going to win.  How do I know that they are going to win you ask?  Because they Will.

When was the last time a never has been goes up against a team that has some history of being there and wins.


Thursday, October 21, 2010

Political Ads in America

Political ads are everywhere and are very irritating.  At least some of them are irritating.  There are some that are quite comical.  However, the idea here is that all we are hearing is one candidates ads telling how bad the other candidate is doing.

What I would like to see is a law that says that that the only political ads that could be aired or completed are those that focus only on the candidates good points.  The ads should simply state the politicians features, things that they have absolutely done, and things that they will try to get done.

Most ads at this time simply say " I am xxxxx and I approve this message"   They are bad. They are ugly.  They are stupid.  You are stupid if you vote for them.

Blanche Lincoln.  Chad Causey.  Joyce Elliot, 

My thoughts for now

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Shopping for Halloween Costumes

Written by my friend Ian Cruz

Going shopping for Halloween costumes is so exciting. I have four children, and we all dress up in matching costumes. Sometimes there selection of costume is something I would never choose, but it is still a lot of fun for us all. Getting dressed seems to take us all day!

They are ready to shop for their costumes as soon as they hit the shelves, but we usually wait until the middle of the month to go. I set the home security alarm (ADT Home Security CA specials) and we begin our search for our costumes. They will change their minds about what they want to be a few times before finally deciding. I always allow them to choose the costumes that they want.

We trick or treat around the neighborhood, and spend a couple of hours out knocking on doors. The kids end up with so much candy it is ridiculous. But they have a good time, and getting mom dressed up in face makeup and a costume seems to excite them just as much as the actual trick or treating.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Komen Race for the Cure - Little Rock

I understand that it became official today.  They tried for it.  They wanted it.  They worked for it and they got it.

What is it.  The Race for the Cure in Little Rock became the third largest in the World.   How did they do it and what did it mean?

The only thing that I know about that is that it meant over 46,000 women in the streets of Little Rock.  What if it were that time for all of them.

The street might blow up. 

What do you think.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Look out for all those Women

What do you have when you have 44,000 Women in the Streets of Little Rock Arkansas?

What do you have when you have 3 miles of Men wearing pink shirts along the streets of Little Rock Arkansas?

What do you have when you have people all over Little Rock Arkansas in Anticipation of an upcoming event?

What you have is this Saturday, October 16, 2010 and the Susan B Komen Race for the cure. 

Little Rock appears to have the 4th largest race in the world and if just a few more register they will have the 3rd largest race.  ----------- ARE you an women that can be there and would want to --- GO

My thoughts for now.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Play Ball!n

Guest post written by Jeff Nielsen

Yesterday I offered to watch the grandkids while my daughter went out of town, and decided to take them to Central Park to play. I’d been cooped up in my apartment for weeks, and I really wanted to see a few trees and walk on some grass for a change.
The kids just started playing baseball in a youth league, so I decided I’d help them get a little practice since we were out. They may not realize it, but their granddad still has a pretty good arm. They grabbed their little gloves, I grabbed mine, as well as my new hearing aids I’d gotten from and we made our way to the park from my place in midtown.

The kids and I had a pretty good session in the park. I was really surprised at how strong and accurate some of their throws were, especially for just having started playing. I think that they’re going to be terrific little athletes in no time. I just need to keep taking them out to the park to practice to keep their game up! I couldn’t be more proud of these two.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Questions for America?

WHY do we think that everything has to be politically correct?

WHAT should we do to get back to the basics?

WHEN will we learn that we can not leave God out of our decisions?

WHERE do we go from here if we do not change?

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Ryder Cup and America

Tiger is faltering in golf.  The recent Ryder Cup Playoff against Europe is a prime example of this.  The guys from Europe beat the pants off of Tiger.

In fact the entire thing was embarrassing since the Europe group beat the USA.  I guess I just want the USA to be supreme in everything.  Maybe that is a wrong attitude but I am proud of the USA and do not want to lose at anything.

Maybe that is wrong but it is the way I am.

My thoughts for now.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Taste Catering and Event Planning!

Has America noticed Executive Pastry Chef, Yigit Pura.  If not you need to check him out as he competes for the honor of being the Top Chef on the nationally acclaimed show BRAVO TOP CHEF Just Desserts

America might also want to check out their site to find that great Wedding caterer and the great Wedding caterers  and all of the other great San Francisco wedding caterers .  Where are you going to find all of this you ask?  Well, you might want to check out  This is a site that appears to have all of the great catering that anyone in that area might need.

So if this appeals to you and you are in need for a catering service then get online and check it out.  You will find the people that will take care of your entire catering needs.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Breast Cancer Awareness

This is the month to be aware of Breast Cancer.  This is the month of the Susan G Komen Race for the cure in Little Rock Arkansas.  This is the month that women all over America walk, run, stroll or move through this race and make recognition of this disease. 

When will this be cured?  When will this be over?  Can we get to the end.

This month is a part of the cure.

Help out if you can.

List it - Rank It -

Do you want to make a list?  Do you have a need to make a list?  If either of these fit your needs and you desire to be list making such as top ten lists or lists of cars then is the place for you.  It allows you to make lists about anything.  It says you can "Rank the Universe" or make a list about anything.   Sounds pretty cool right.

Lets say that you are a movie buff and you want to make some type of charts for movies or Charts from IMDB then what do you do?  Well, my suggestion would be to go to and make your lists.   List it with all of the other lists.  Get your lists noticed and recognized.  This gets you some play that you may seriously want to get for your list and your site.

It is also great that when you are done you can share your list on most of the social sites and on your own blog.  Yes, your list can show up of Facebook, Blogger and most other platforms that are used.  This makes it easy to get that information that you want to rank to get to your readers.  Works for me.