Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Internet Blog Tag - You're It!

Tag! I am it. Haven't played this game since I was 10. I was always a slow runner and a little chubby(ok a lot chubby) and was always it.

Panhandle Poet tagged me from his site Panhandle Poetry and Other Thoughts. and I am to tell seven random things about myself and then tag seven people. I've never been cybertagged before so here goes. I am going to try a little rhyme... if it don't work, don't blame me blame the Panhandle Poet.

I am really an Aggie from Texas,
Unlike the song, I have one wife and no Exes.

For blogging I adopted the moniker of Hillbilly Willy

Because to use my real name, I am shy and would feel Silly.

To lend money is my life's roll
To help people meet their needs is my goal.

You can tell from my blog, Arkansas is now my home.
If you could see me now I have a bald dome.

Ok I think that is enough
Wow this rhyming thing is tough.

Ok now who to tag. I am not really a social person on the internet and don't really have anyone that I know of to tag. Guess I will pull some out of the air. Hope they haven't already been tagged. I guess if they have they have to give seven more. Here goes

Here are my tags.

Kays Thinking Cap - Tag to Kay Dennison - Thanks for reading my Blog.

Chief Joker ---Can You Hear Me Now -Enjoy his comments. I expect he has seven things.

Posts from Helms Deep --- The Hermit -- Ran into this one recently - Good Stuff

Hillbilly Please ---Who describes herself as Bipedal female vertebrate primate

Ms Underestimated - Looks like a tough lady - Lets hear from her. (randomly chosen)

Sugar Mountain Farm - Walter Jeffries - runs a farm in Vermont. - This blog thing lets you wander around the country with little effort. Thats fun!

Life on a Farm Blog - a good country boy trying to raise his kids right - This blog is sponsored by Mahindra and not sure that he has the freedom to do much but right his story. However, it if nothing else, it is a good blog and others ought to stop by.

I guess now I have to figure out how to contact them. I have been slow at the game cause, I have been busy at work. That really slows down my blogging.

Well here you go!


Walter Jeffries said...

HillBillyWIlly, right now is too busy to do tag games. Sorry. Maybe in the winter when things are slower. -WalterJ

Panhandle Poet said...

Good rhyme. I'll let folks know you've provided your seven bits of trivia about yourself.

Anonymous said...

What exactly is it you are supposed to do? Just list seven things about yourself?

Strawberry said...

CDO - good rhyme! Sure you don't have any exes in Texas?! Ha-Ha!

Kay Dennison said...

Love your poetry! I think I'm gonna answer your tag today -- finally! Been busy with a lot of other things of late!