Sunday, September 30, 2007

Life In America - Our Privileges!

It is always good to reflect occasionally on what we truly have in this wonderful country.

Today is Sunday and I had the privelege of going to Church and Worship without anyone saying a thing against it. I probably took this for granted!

Yesterday we had a 81st Birthday Party for a dear person in our lives. Many people came freely and enjoyed the celebration. I probably too this for granted!

I went out last week and replaced the tattered American Flag on the flag pole at work. Did I think about what it meant. - Guess what! I took it for granted.

I am going to go to work freely in the morning and hopefully give a days work for a days pay! I take this for granted every week - I even gritch and groan a little about it. What is my problem?

I had family and friends gather at my house yesterday for fun and fellowship. Did I take it for granted - Yes - but I did enjoy it greatly!

What do you have that you take for granted each day and week?

Have you thanked the Good Lord today for the wonderful life that you have?

Don't take it for granted! Give thanks today and enjoy what you have!

My thoughts for now!

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