Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Pack up all you woes - Live!

As we go about our daily grind, we often think that things are bad and we grunt and groan about what we have to do and the problems that we have. Well, lets stop and think.

An old preacher used to have a few quips that I always thought was amusing but were always right on point. When someone would say something about "Under the circumstances" He would always come back with - what are you doing under there! Get out from under there and live!

Another thing that he always mentioned when someone started lamenting over all there troubles was that if we would all bring our troubles to a central place in a large bag we could dump them all in the middle and then choose a bag other than our own to leave with.

He said that he believed that 9 times out of 10, after looking them all over that we would probably leave with the same bag that we came with.

Life is too good to dwell on the problems! There are too many good things to look at!

Get out and live!
Just my thoughts for now!

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