Monday, October 29, 2007

Favorite Season is Autumn

I moved to Arkanas about 15 years ago from West Texas where there were no trees, and very little rain. I moved to Arkansas where there are many trees and much rain.

Not sure that I liked this situation until the first fall rolled around. We took a trip to Branson with a church group. On the way to Branson you go through the town of Harrison.

Well, the church bus driver decided to take us on a detour through a cemetery in Harrison. None of us knew why until we drove into the entrance. Outlining about a quarter mile of the cemetery drive were sugar maple trees. They had changed colors and the evening sun that was setting made them glow as if they were afire.

This is what I like about Arkansas - Fall is a great time of year here!

My thoughts for now!

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High Desert Wanderer said...

Love the Fall colors. Beautiful photo. I've been posting on fall color a bit myself.