Friday, October 12, 2007 - Fun and games!

Have you seen online game show which is great to play. I have joined and am trying to win a great prize. The players get to decide. Here is what they say about their site.

WhoGets offers contests for great prizes – electronics, appliances, DVDs, clothing, and much more … and our contests have a fun twist! Most sweepstakes randomly select a winner through some boring old computer program. WhoGets makes contest more fun – we let you decide who wins!

Anyone can enter our contests. All you need is a free WhoGets membership (sign up now!). Once you’re registered, find a prize you’d love to win and enter the contest. If you make it to the semi-final round, you get to post a statement telling all the other WhoGets members why you should be the one to win.

Then, be sure to check out all the other contests, and vote for your favorite contestant!

WhozNews is a place for members to share articles, stories, blog posts, and more. Check out the content submitted by other members, and if you come across an article you like, give it a “Get.” A Get is like a vote. The stories with the most Gets move up to the top of the page.

Get over there and sign up now - its fun- and you might be chosen by the players to win!

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