Thursday, October 25, 2007

Help Google Help!

This is a post from one of my other blogs. However, it relates to this blog also. This blog was built to a Google Rank of 2 and has stayed there. I manage and operate this blog much as I do my other two. However, they have dropped to no ranking and a 0 rank. I don't understand. However here is what I have to say about that:

Somebody help me. For the life of me I can't find any reason why my site went from a Google Page Rank 3 to appearing like it is not being ranked at all. Sitemeter shows that Google is finding my site and many hits are from Google searches.

However, just in the past three or four weeks I have gone from Pagerank 3 to grayed out - no page rank. It is as if Google has banned me.

Please Google - What did I do. I am only a poor boy trying to supplement a little income by putting Pay Per Posts on my blog. Payperpost is good. It does not hurt you Google.

Why is that a crime. It couldnt be that I started working with Amazon to sell stuff. I was already banned before that.

Why Google - what is the problem. I go to your statistics. Your webcrawlers are crawling successfully. I go to your search engines - I come up on top for many searches.

I also support you Google. I use you for everything of knowledge. Except the knowledge of "WHY GOOGLE WHY! - YOU WONT ANSWER THAT QUESTION."

What have I done. PayPerpost uses your rankings to give me valuable posts to advertise. You have taken me from getting $10-$30 posts to having available only $5 posts. Yes on a good day now, I might get lucky and get a $6.00 post. I went from being able to do $300 - $400 per month to squeeking by on $150 - $200 per month.

Monster Google - You are costing me money. Tell me why you have me by the throat. Tell me that you will release me.

Yes Google at least give me an email address or a phone number or a help screen that will give me a clue.

Help - I am out of air. Please Google -- Turn me Loose.

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