Thursday, October 25, 2007

Weather, Age, Life!

The weather outside is wet and cold. I love the cold weather and I dont mind rain if I can stay inside. However, the last couple of days have been about 48 degrees and misty rain.

I dont remember that bothering me so bad last year and the year before that. I dont remember if it really got that cold last year. I dont remember if when I was 30 and living in the Panhandle of Texas if it really bothered me.

I do remember my first house. Nice small three bedroom house in Amarillo, Texas. Nothing between there and the north pole except a barb wire fence and most of the strands were down on that. Well, we moved in in about November and all was well. Newly married and life was good.

Then came January. The temperature in the month of January never got above freezing. The house was heated by a floor furnace in the living room. No other heat in the house as I remember. (I have already established that my memory is not too good!) You could stand on the floor furnace in bare feet and not burn your feet.

The house became miserably cold. We would come home from work - turn on the kitchen stove as high as it would go and cook some supper. As soon as the meal was over - and the house was still freezing, the only way to keep warm was to run to the bedroom and jump under the electric blanket and watch tv the rest of the evening.

Did I say we were newly weds?

My thoughts for now~

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Strawberry said...

I remember those floor furnaces. It was such a great thing to stand on and warm up. Also blew your dress up if you weren't careful!