Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Working All Day - Just to Make a Living?

Ronnie Milsap says it best in his song:

Well all day long while I'm working in town
Time slows down to a crawl
hen I'm not thinking about you
I'm checking the clock on the wall
Then it's goodbye factory and hello loving
here's a smile across my face
Cause I'm back in the arms of your sweet love
Where my thoughts have been all day.

Well, here it is at the end of the day and yes I am back at home in my sweet wife's arms. The only difference in the song is that some days we are wishing our lives away.

I wish it were Friday!
I wish it were Thanksgiving!
I wish I could retire!

The real truth is I wish I could quit wishing away my life and just look forward to right now!

The evenings truly are the joyous part of the life even though - it is more being at home in the comfort of my sweet loves presence and just enjoying the fact that we are here together.

Life is better than we think it is! If we would just quit wishing it away and try to enjoy it.

But after days like today, that is a little difficult

My thoughts for now!

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