Saturday, November 3, 2007

Digital Cameras - A great Advance in Photography!

Being over 50, I can always say that I remember back when? Back when we didn't have many of the technological advances that we have today. One of the most amazing is the digital camera.

I have always enjoyed taking and displaying pictures. Probably never that great at it but always enjoyed doing it. Well, with todays digital cameras such as one like the Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTi Black (w/EF-S 18-55 Lens), getting great pictures has never been easier. Boy it would be great to own a camera such as that. I do enjoy my inexpensive digital, but one of the fancy ones would be great too.

The next step though is how to best retrieve or display those pictures. Yes, you can get them printed out or do the computer picture capture, but the best thing I believe on the market today is the digital picture frame . What a great gift for someone with an office, especially if they like to take pictures. This gives them the opportunity to display those pictures that they take or maybe even the pictures that there kids or someone else takes. What a great idea!

Here is what has to say Digital Cameras

Digital cameras were the #1 requested electronics gift for the 2006 holiday season, and are sure to be a hot item again this year. Every day, millions of people use their digital camera to capture family moments, important milestones, sporting events, or just the memories of a fun outing.

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