Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Huckabee and Merry Christmas - Thanks Mike!

What is the big deal. Is it so wrong for a public figure who makes no bones about his Christian stand to give a public Merry Christmas to others around the Nation.

What has this nation come to for this to be such a big deal. The media has to make something out of everything.

This country was founded by great people who acted and believed in religion.

This ad had no other message as the media has portrayed it. Support should be shown by how and whether candidates are capable of doing the job of President.

This mans personal beliefs and religion are up to him and if a person believes it is offensive or portraying a wrong message it is because people are looking for ways to make it that way.

Look up America --wake up and look at the road our great country is traveling. If you are offended religiously, or just have nothing better to do but blow hot air, this is America, we speak English, we pray, and we should all stick together for whats right. If you can't stomach that, GET OVER IT.

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