Friday, December 14, 2007

Mike Huckabee update

There has been some negative talk in the past week about Mike Huckabee. However, it seems that he still comes out all right.

The comment that Huckabee made in an interview about Romney's religion was taken out of context and caused some problems. What I like is that Huckabee stepped up to the plate and apologized for the remark personally to Romney.

This is what we need in a President. See mistakes made, admit the mistakes and correct the action.

Mike Huckabee for Prresident.

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CDO said...

Who ever left be brave enough to leave me an email or at least on your sight a place to leave comments. if I dont have by tomorrow this link is erased.

Winghunter said...

I don't think you know the half of it;
"I would like to extend an apology everybody who has been patiently warning me about supporting Mike Huckabee. Today on the Laura Ingram show, I heard in Huckabee what all of you have been saying all along.

1. She asked about vouchers since the teachers union supported him. He evaded by saying that it was “A states rights issue”. (SUBVET Insertion) Really? What about all the non-state (federal) funding there Mike?

2. She asked about him supporting the consulate passing out ID cards to illegals so they could establish themselves in the community. He evaded answering the question with jaw dropping political ease.

( Friend's names edited ) and others, you were right. This guy is a liberal who doesn’t like abortions. You know what? I don’t like abortions either but I sure as hell don’t like liberals.

Huckabee is now below McCain in my book. To dodge and evade direct questions is Clintonesque and perhaps that’s fitting due to where he’s from.

I am embarrassed and disgusted with myself for not seeing this when it shown to me in black and white.

If anybody from the Huckabee camp reads this, tell the Pastor he fooled a man for about 5 months so he should feel good about that. But also tell him that the same man he fooled is now going to work against him. I got a feeling I won't be alone.

collin28 said...

Interesting that Romney has brought out the negative things about Huck.

Negativity does sell.

I have a question --

I just went to Mike's website and at this time he has collected $1,116,249 in donations.

Currently at Ron Paul's site he has collected in real time $11,493,478 and what about the next BOMB tomorrow.

My question is how is Mike going to keep going with so little money?