Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Shipito.com -Storing & Shipping for Online Business

What a great idea it is to have a virtual address and mail forwarding. Why you ask. Lets assume that you are an e-commerce startup business out of your small office or home office. You could use this idea to store and ship your products. For example if you are starting an online business you might soon need place to store products. Your living room might be quite small and it is not economical to hire an employee to ship your products.

Well then Shipito.com to the rescue. Their company can help. They state that they love to work with e-commerce start ups. They can store products in their warehouse and ship on your behalf. They also operate mail forwarding centers in Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Memphis.

Something else that they provide is a service for international customers who like to shop in the USA, but sellers maynot offer international shipping. They can help and forward packages to those international customers.

Sounds like something that will be beneficial for many people. Check it out!

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