Friday, March 7, 2008

Judging Contest - 1000 Hot Dogs - Good Kids!

I was priviledged this week to do one of the things that I enjoy doing outside the office. We call it PR work but I question how much PR it really gets us.

What I was doing was cooking 1000 hot dogs for a statewide FFA/4H judging contest that is held in my area each year. The cooking takes about three hours and lots of labor. However, after visiting through those three hours with a lot of kids that are tops in their class and mostly who are well mannered and seem to appreciate the effort, it is kind of fun.

However, the day was cold and windy and this created some issues. The event was in a large indoor rodeo arena which helped some but did not take away all of the pains.

Well, again a good cause. My industry is Agricultural Lending and many of these youngsters will be future customers. Hope they remember that I cooked them a hot dog.

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