Friday, May 30, 2008

SocialSpark is Live!

SocialSpark is live and going strong. Hillbilly Willy has a spot on SocialSpark and is proud of it. Socialspark is a great social networking site that gives opportunities to find post opportunities that can make you money.

Hillbilly Willy has all of his 4 blogs mentioned on SocialSpark and it allows him to join together an Army of bloggers as friends and associates. It allows for links back and forth along with comments, insight emails to friends, feedback and much more.

One of the things that is very nice about the site is the seemless combination of all of these functions so that they are easy to use and very understandable. The site also allows you to give a "prop" or thumbs up or down to people, blogs, sites etc that you either like of dislike.

One of the things that is a little more difficult in this site than some previous sites that they are affiliated is the "opportunities to take paid advertisements" The site gives you a chance to take an opportunity at one price and it puts you in line "just in case" that opportunity comes open. When the opportunity does possibly come around (and on some it is never) the price is lower than it was originally advertised to you. In many cases at a price that you are not interested in. However, you take the opportunity for fear that it might put you on some list of people who do not fulfill obligations.

It gives you a feeling of the old "bait and switch" routine. (there you asked for things we like and dislike)

Well, so much for that. Outside of that the site is very good and gives bloggers a great opportunity to make money. Nothing is wrong with that.

10-4 Willy.

You must know that this is a paid sponsorship by SocialSpark as a review for their site.

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