Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Rap Artist - Kanye West

Who is this Kanye West. I am trying to expand my horizons but this may be a little out of my reach. I took this opportunity to talk about this guy and here is information on Kanye West Profile you can also find Kanye West Lyrics on this site.

It is amazing to me. He looks like an adult but the picture shows his hat on crooked. At what age should you be required to wear your hat on straight. Well, as I said I am expanding my horizons.

I did not really look at any of the lyrics or anything. Hope this guy is somewhat ok. If you like this kind of stuff. Check it out.

My thoughts for now, and as you know it takes all kinds to make up Life In America.


Kay Dennison said...

It leaves me confused, too, Willie!

And upset as hell when some idiot wakes me up at 3 AM playing this you-know-what on his giant car stereo!

I asked the head of community policing here if I could shoot these morons. LOL He said no.
I then asked if they'd put up a sign that reads "Quiet zone -- cranky old lady sleeping" and he said no again.

These people have rights. I want to know where mine are.

bingskee said...

some of Kanye West music is good..