Wednesday, September 24, 2008

To Heck in a Handbasket!

I have always heard that something was "going to Hell in a hand basket" Never was sure what that meant until now.

That is what our economy along with our nation seems to be doing. We are going "south"

Or is it "down the drain"

Or some may say "down the tubes"

Or some may say "topsy turvy"

Or "Out of Whack!"


1 comment: said...

looking at it from outside the box,
I make no apologies for what I am about to write,
America has allowed itself to be a tool where by the rest of the world hates everything they get involved with ,
Canadians have always paid their fair share,
(without question) Our soldiers and people have always been there when Americans needed us,
some may disagree , but the facts are there for all to see even if you don't care about it.
History doesn't lie,
if you recall three most recent time Americans received help without asking.
when Iran attacked your embassy, Canada provided an escape rout for most of your embassy staff ,
during the 9/11 catastrophe Canada provided thousands of Americans our homes and support during these confusing days.
the day after Katrina hit New Orleans Canadian aid was at the city limits the very morning after,
the American fema group got it together two to thee days later and only after being embarrassed about the inability to protect their own people.
Since the disaster Canada has built homes for the people of your land ,
we supported America in all our common dangers.
and when your government asked Canadians to get involved in a NAFTA agreement our stupid Government leaders accepted it.
since then both of us have lost our way of life, our jobs have all been sent to China and Mexico.
they are now doing our jobs for less than 25 cents on the dollar. and the sad p[art is they cost as much or more than they did when we were doing it.
, Our governments told us it would create work for all of us. Both our governments lied to us
but the sad part is the American people just kept on borrowing money and failing to pay even the principal interest.
many lost their home and more will loose their homes in the next few months
It should come to no surprise that even thought Obama has promised it wont happen under his leadership it cannot be stamped.
Unfortunately Obama is just another power hungry politician.
I shared in the delight,
in that Obama is the first Black president, but He hasn't got any plans, he just wanted to be president and keep his fingers crossed that all goes well.
As an outsider I can tell you what needs to be done
I know this will scare the hell out of the billionaires in both our lands.
We must collectively close our borders to any foreign junk,
(Wal-mart little China will faint when I say this) America has got to stop buying anything not made in America.
Americans have got to start thinking as their grandparents did, save your money and pay cash,
Did you know that before George W Bush was made president that inAmerica there were only 14 .. Billionaires, and in only 8 short years, we now have over 1500
billionaires, in America and millions of real Americans are loosing their homes.
it was all caused by NAFTA and free trade,
what I suggest is the government re- capture all those stolen dollars and put it back to where it belongs
in the Americans pockets. if every American was given I million dollars to pay off his depts. and pay for his children's future , it would cost half of the bailout and would get this problem settled once and for all.
I know this sounds a lot like anarchy and your right it is, but they stole our jobs our way of life our children's future, and People such as Chaney and Bush are the real problem the Chinese own more of American property that all the Americans put together. when are we ever going to learn.
all I can say is there are billions of people in the world and only 300 million and our 33 million people and were going top have to protect our interest,
the money these so called creators of NAFTA figured out this scheme they just knew it would kill the unions in America, and they almost got it done.
But just as a wounded animal will fight to the death the North American unions will not die.