Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Where in America is Hillbilly Willy? - Palo Duro Canyon

"THE LIFE OF A MOM" got it right on the first try to guess where in America was Willy.

Willy was a the second largest canyon in the United states -- Palo Duro Canyon. The name in Indian means "hard wood" The lighthouse is a dominant outcropping of rock in the Canyon.

There is a wonderful play about the history of the area called "Texas" it uses the great effects that the Canyon offers for great light and sound. Anyone close to the area should take in the play.

Here is what they say about the play:

A LONE HORSEMAN, carrying the flag of the great state of Texas appears atop a 600 foot cliff, signaling the beginning of the most spectacular outdoor musical drama in the world. With a burst of fireworks and a moving swell of the music, the horseman gallops away. Suddenly, a cast of more than 60 actors, singers and dancers takes the stage to kick off the show that millions of fans from all around the world have come to see. Only a state as big as Texas could host a show as big as TEXAS!

Come back soon as Willy shows up at another interesting spot in America.


The Mind of a Mom said...

Yea Me! hehehe
And thanks for the EC gift that was cool :o)
Be seeing you in your travels ~ Safety Travels

Viveca said...

Hope Willy plans to visit Fredericksburg, Va sometime soon!