Saturday, January 30, 2010

Dream Dollhouse

I built a dollhouse several years ago. My dollhouse was built from scratch from a pattern I received from a friend. The dollhouse was difficult to build, for you see I am not a real handy man. However, the dollh0use was to be a gift for someone special.

Many days I spent out in the garage working with tools that defeat my abilities. Many days I became frustrated as I had to take something apart and start over again because it was not quite right. For you see this dollhouse was for someone special. It needed to be perfect.

The days went on and the dollhouse gradually came together. The dollhouse became a mission that I would not let defeat me. I had to get this dollhouse done. For you see it was for someone very special.

The dollhouse was complete now. My wife helped me put carpet on the floors and wallpaper on the walls. Now it was time to find dollhouse accessories to complete the project. For you see this dollhouse had to be something special because it was for someone special.

The dollhouse was finished along with dollhouse accessories I was very proud of this because as you know it was for someone very special.

Well, that was about 20 years or so ago and that special dollhouse sets in the attic taken apart to be stored as well it can be. Yes, it did see a few years of play and decorating by that special daughter that it was so lovingly built far. She enjoyed it very much and my wife and I enjoyed watching her play with it.

Yes, that was about 20 years ago and that special daughter that it was so lovingly built for now is away from home, married and living in her special little dollhouse with hopes of someday having that precious child - a grandchild to adorn our presence.

Maybe it will be a little girl and that dollhouse can come out of the attic and get some fresh paint on it and be renewed with the initial love that it was given for that special little girl that is all grown up now.

My thoughts for now.

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