Saturday, April 17, 2010

Manuel Willy

Willy started today by he and Mrs Willy working out in the yard. It had looked pretty bad for a while and it was time Willy made it a priority. Willy and the Ms. pulled out all of the grass and the weeds that had come in the front flowerbeds through the winter and now the early spring.

Willy and Ms. then went to Lowes and bought a whole lot of bags of mulch to go in the flowerbeds. This was then taken home and took and hour or two with both of us working to get it done.

It was then time to move to the back yard where Willy did something stupid about three years ago. Willy planted across the back fence 16 Red tip Photinas. This was a mistake because of two things. One they grow too fast and need lots of trimming. Second, Willy spent a bunch of money on these and then found out that these are very susceptible to a rust and will probably only last about five years. Yes, they are beginning to go fast.

Well, Willy spent about four hours trimming these bushes and then picking up the whole mess.

Needless to say Willy is worn out. Willy has decided that he no longer really enjoys Manual Labor.

Willy is worn out. - Maybe Willy is getting older or Maybe Willy is just lazy.

10-4 WQilly

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Mamma has spoken said...

I will say it is your age not that you are lazy. What has normally taken me only a few days to do in my own yard is taking several weeks. I still have LOTS of weeds to pull too.....
But the tomato plants are in the ground!