Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Election Night in America

Primary election night in America is over. America has spoken and it is obvious that much America understands that if you send the same old people back to their elected positions that you will probably get the same old results.

Thus America is seeing a drift of some change that Obama has talked about. Not change in the fact of stimulus jobs that don't last but change that says we want real people making good decisions and listening to what we say and want.

Now the next question. Do I still have to see all of those ads that blare out of the television, the radio, the computer, by the side of the road, from the gas station from everywhere.

No, the ads will still be there because in only three weeks we get a runoff between many of those that had a close race.

Bring on the lies and nonsense. Heard it once - hear it again.

Those are my thoughts about America this morning.

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