Wednesday, May 5, 2010

: No More Dial Up for Me!

This is a guest post by my brother William Dakets
Booking Vacation Travel for the Summer Over the InternetI just completed booking my family summer vacation online. It was not only lucrative but also a lot of fun. After viewing so many wonderful places to stay and visit I am very excited about going on our trip. The money saved by booking our travel over the internet will be saved for spending while we are on our vacation. I highly recommend planning your next trip using the resources like Hughesnet internet versus going through a travel agent.
Pictures and Videos of Vacation Travel Spots There are a plethora of pictures and videos available on the internet for your perusal. I loved coming home from work and downloading videos and viewing pictures of possible lodging and activities for our summer trip. Now that our travel is booked I still look at the videos and imagine I am already on vacation.
Comparing Prices and Locations Online Booking our summer vacation online was not only easy it was less time consuming. Comparing prices and vacation locations on different realtor and hotel web sites was very easy. These web sites quickly narrowed my searches based on price and location.
Planning Vacation Travel Online versus other methods we used to go through different realtors to book all of our family summer vacations. It is much more convenient to book online with Hughes Net versus having to flip through magazines, using a travel agency, or calling and talking to realtors on the phone. There is so much online information right at your fingertips.
For those of us that once struggled with dial-up internet connections, the incoming phone call was a cause for alarm. That ringing sound meant certain disconnection from the internet. When disconnected during online shopping, I had to restart orders from the beginning after redialing. In some cases, this could lead to billing errors. When browsing the web, high-speed internet service allows for an uninterrupted flow of information.
I love social networking websites. My friends post the most interesting links in status updates on Facebook and Twitter. With the faster speeds provided by Hughes internet service, I can visit links that contain streaming videos. I do not have to resist the urge to download large freeware programs. I can research complex subjects in a timely manner. With a dial-up connection, web browsing required incredible patience. Loading a simple website took several minutes. When streaming videos and downloading large files, I was forced to wait for hours. This discouraged me from visiting websites with compelling content. After choosing Hughes internet service, I can visit any link. With the help of fast data transfer rates, I am able to use all of the features on my favorite websites.
Since upgrading to Hughes internet service, I began watching television programs online. Some websites even offer high-definition videos. Hughes internet service delivers a fast connection that transfers huge video files in minutes. A dial-up connection would never enable convenient access to high-definition videos.
I enjoy a fast and stable connection. Web surfing is convenient and fun without constant disconnections. I canceled my dial-up plan and replaced it with hughsnet internet service.

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