Saturday, May 22, 2010

Technical Difficulties

Life in America is not without its technical difficulties.  Just recently I purchased a new computer.  After having it about two weeks I discovered that the webcam did not work properly.  This should be under warranty and was.  However, I had to send the computer in and then wait two weeks and then get it back and see if it was working.  Well, for $40 I could get them to come out under warranty and fix it on sight.  Sounded better to me and would be that I was not without computer just for fixing a webcam that I probably would not use often.

Got that fixed and then discovered that the computer came from the factory with the hard drive partitioned incorrectly.  The way it was set up I was going to be out of drive space for storage in about a month and then their would be issues.  I remind you that it came from the factory set up wrong. 

I called support and they agreed that it was wrong and if I sent it in they would fix it by re-installing the hard drive and I would lose all settings, programs and any changes that I had made.  I had just spent two weeks getting it like I wanted and everything was sweet.

The geek on the phone said the other option was another $40 and they would come on site and do the same thing.  Here is where I ask for supervisor.  He does not talk good English either but I did get him to understand that I was not happy.  He escalated problem and someone who spoke good English called the next day and stated that they would send someone on site to fix at no cost.

They did come – they did fix and I have spent last three days trying to figure out why the monitor which is supposed to be an HD display looks like the worst CRT model.  They had messed something else up again.  Two days and several hours later i discover the issue and get it fixed. 

I am now about 90% back to where I was about three weeks ago.

That is technical difficulties in America.

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