Monday, May 24, 2010

Weekends, Weeks, What, When, Where, Why

Used to be that the weekends were fast and furious in our younger day when we had a daughter in school and there were things that had to be attended. We would come home from work, go to basketball game, soccer practice, school functions etc. On the weekends we would squeeze in some family fun but it would be squeezed among other activities around the kid.

Now, as there seems to be more time on the weekend to do things, I am too tired to do anything . I am too tired from the work week that just passed that did not really have a lot of extra activities outside of work. So then What is it that is sapping the life out of me so that when the work week is over I am too tired to do anything but sit over the weekend and type on this computer.

So then When is it that the energy fairy comes around and seems to sap the life out of me. I have no energy and seem to do less than we used to. Used to do a lot and still have some energy.

So then Where is it that I am going to go to get that energy back and get going. When I retire in a few years I might want to go do something. Got to have energy to do it.

Why - could be that I come home and sit in front of the TV and on this computer and get no exercise and that is what is sapping the energy out of me.

Guess I better get off this thing so I can go to work and get tired.,

Guess I might come home and try to get some exercise.

Need to get a young pill. That might help to.

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