Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Grande Shores - Myrtle Beach - Golf - Vacation!

Vacation! Vacation! Vacation! Can you tell that Vacation time is coming. It is running late this year and I am looking forward to going out when maybe things are a little cooler and maybe the golf ball is flying a little better.

Where to go is always a question. I have talked about and am considering trying to find a great Myrtle Beach hotel and it looks like a great place to look for that is http://www.grandeshores.com . Yes, this would be a good place to look because I hear that Grande Shores is a great place.

Why would I go there? Why would I look for great Myrtle Beach vacation deals. Well, it has to do with great golf and great beach in the same location. Great golf satisfies me and great beach satisfies the wife. So, why not look for somewhere that satisfies both of us.

We can enjoy the best of both worlds. What is wrong with that picture. Nothing that I can see.

Vacation! Vacation! Vacation!

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