Saturday, July 3, 2010

Life in America - Different parts of the Nation

Travels across this great land brings out differences between different areas of our great country.  These differences may be real drastic or they may be very small.  Here are some of the things that I have noticed.

We live in the south.  In the south you see houses with many outdoor planters and predominant garden planters.  You can drive down a street and you may see a large planter on front porches and many of these planters are decorative planters that are almost like art rather than just planters.

Then a year or so ago we went to the East Coast and traveled around some.  There we found a different thing going on.  It was very picturesque in the houses and the way they were built.  Many of these "doll house" type houses had something that you do not see in the South very much.  The thing that they had different were window box planters.  These were some times plane planters and sometimes these may be a high end planter.  They were very pretty and very decorative.  This was exciting to see this difference.

So if you are traveling, watch the houses and the architecture displays and see what you see differently from your local area.  It is not only interesting but some times revealing on things that might be done with your own area.

My thoughts for now.

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