Monday, July 12, 2010

What are my TV Options?

My last blog was talking about how much time I seem to spend watching Television. As stated, it seems as I get older it is easier to find time to sit in my easy chair and watching TV than it is to get up and go do something.

Well, it is difficult sometimes ti find something good to watch, especially in the summer time. That is when I sometimes get into watching television specials. Some of the specials that I like to watch consist of sports such as golf and soccer.

The next thing that I am trying to figure out is where I can get the best service for the best Television specials. Right now I am on cable and I find that many cable specials are good but I do sometimes find that the special channels that I want are not always on cable.

Well, that would mean that I would be best served by Dish. With dish I understand that there are some major sports channels and therefore Dish specials could give me more variety with sports specials and programming.

So, maybe the best thing that I could do is to have cable and dish systems so that I could get all of the special channels and everyone of the specials that exist. That would be ideal for me. Yes if I could have a system that could have the ability to switch between cable and dish then I could obviously get every special that would be on television.  I could view it all.

If I had this in my house I would be fixed for life.  No more problems having something to watch.

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