Sunday, October 3, 2010

List it - Rank It -

Do you want to make a list?  Do you have a need to make a list?  If either of these fit your needs and you desire to be list making such as top ten lists or lists of cars then is the place for you.  It allows you to make lists about anything.  It says you can "Rank the Universe" or make a list about anything.   Sounds pretty cool right.

Lets say that you are a movie buff and you want to make some type of charts for movies or Charts from IMDB then what do you do?  Well, my suggestion would be to go to and make your lists.   List it with all of the other lists.  Get your lists noticed and recognized.  This gets you some play that you may seriously want to get for your list and your site.

It is also great that when you are done you can share your list on most of the social sites and on your own blog.  Yes, your list can show up of Facebook, Blogger and most other platforms that are used.  This makes it easy to get that information that you want to rank to get to your readers.  Works for me.

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