Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Play Ball!n

Guest post written by Jeff Nielsen

Yesterday I offered to watch the grandkids while my daughter went out of town, and decided to take them to Central Park to play. I’d been cooped up in my apartment for weeks, and I really wanted to see a few trees and walk on some grass for a change.
The kids just started playing baseball in a youth league, so I decided I’d help them get a little practice since we were out. They may not realize it, but their granddad still has a pretty good arm. They grabbed their little gloves, I grabbed mine, as well as my new hearing aids I’d gotten from Miracle-Ear.com and we made our way to the park from my place in midtown.

The kids and I had a pretty good session in the park. I was really surprised at how strong and accurate some of their throws were, especially for just having started playing. I think that they’re going to be terrific little athletes in no time. I just need to keep taking them out to the park to practice to keep their game up! I couldn’t be more proud of these two.

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