Saturday, November 6, 2010

Christmas With My Uncle

Life in America is welcoming a guest host today --- Enjoy
Guest post written by Jim Guthrie

Every Christmas, my parents and I take a trip to Florida to visit my Uncle Larry. The trip is pretty long, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. We don’t get to see him much throughout the year, so Christmas is always very special for my family. He lives in a nice little home by the water, and he is always watching old westerns. Every time I visit there, I swear that a western like Have Gun, Will Travel is lingering on the television set in the background.

In the past few years, Uncle Larry’s hearing hasn’t been as good as it once was, and my family is going to get him a new hearing aid from or Christmas—a gift we’re so excited to give! Larry watches his westerns all too often and helping him get a hearing aid would get him back to enjoying the shows he really loves. While we’re all together, I think we are going to try our luck at fishing too. Even though it’s colder this time of year, we always catch a little something. It’s what we’ve always done as a family, and it’ll be a special thing to do again this holiday season.

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