Monday, November 15, 2010

Credit Score and You!

Life in America is about having good credit.  In this instance I have the opportunity almost daily to work with people because I am in a lending position.  This position causes me to counsel and look at credit bureaus on a daily basis.  This means that one of the things that I talk to many customers about daily is the need to know their credit score and how important that score is to them in their daily lives.

So what do I do when these customers say that they have no idea what their score is.  That is when I tell them that they can get their free credit score by simply going to the internet and logging on to the right site.  Quickly and immediately after getting to the proper site they can then know what lenders know and use to determine their credit worthiness. 

Well, this as you can see is very important to the individuals.  This makes me feel very good that I can help someone understand and see what they need to know about their credit score and how it affects their borrowing ability.  Pretty good information if you ask me.

My thoughts for now.

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