Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Perfect Pait

Life in America often times finds someone that will guest post with something important.  Here it is.
Guest post by Jewel Cole

My best friend and I are the perfect pair! We enjoy almost all of the same things and we both have a ridiculous sense of humor. I me him a comedy show in the area where I live. No one wanted to go to the show with me and I didn't want to waste my ticket so I went alone. He was sitting in the front row right next to me. It wasn't long before I found out that he was a part of the show. He was doing an amateur act, but he was unbelievably funny like he'd been doing it for years.

I became interested in how long he had been doing comedy, so after the show I started a conversation with him. Since then we have been the best of friends. He moved to another state but it doesn't matter because no matter what's going on in his life, he always makes time for me, especially when I'm going through something. I love his ability to take the tension out of situations by making me laugh. Lord knows he has kept me from crying many nights during some of my trials. I've made it my business to go visit him every weekend. I pack my things the night before and in the morning I set my home security alarm from before I go to visit my best friend.

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