Sunday, November 21, 2010

Shopping In America

Life in America picks up today on the fact that it is rapidly coming to that time of the year when we shop until we drop.  Yes, Black Friday and other shopping ploys gets us out and shopping hard.  Then their comes Cyber Monday when we shop on line until we wear out our mouse.  Then after all of that we still have a couple of weeks before Christmas to get that shopping done.  Are you getting there?  I am and here is how I am doing it here in America.

One of the things that I will do is more of my shopping online this year.  Yes, I will shop on line for anything that I need.  Lets assume that I am into that joke that went crazy a while back about “pants on the ground”.  Well, if that is the case I would assume that the person with that problem would want to know about bend over pants that are available at many places such as Blair. Yes, this allows you to get those pants online and save the gas and the time that it would take if you chased all over town to find those bend over pants.

So if you are one of those that is crying “pants on the ground”  and it is not really funny because you are really needing some nice new bend over pants then you might want to get on that wonderful thing that Al Gore invented, the internet, and find you a great pair of bend over pants

That is my thoughts for now and in the future if some one starts singing that song to you or any other complaints about the types of pants you wear then you have an answer.  I am looking online to solver the problem.  Again, my final thoughts.

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