Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Life in America - Home and Safe

As I sit in my warm home with a few days off during this holiday season, I am thankful that I am not traveling.  Stories are very sad and very scary as people are stranded all over the nation and the world during this Season of hope that has turned into despair.

They are calling it the "perfect storm" at a really bad time.  One of the busiest traveling seasons has been marred by a great snow storm.   The toughest thing that would be to comprehend is to be sitting somewhere that is calm with good weather and you are stuck in an airport because the planes are stuck where the snow is heavy and cannot move.

What would my reactions be if I were stuck in an airport for several days and could go nowhere.  What would I do if I stood in line for several hours to find out I was in the wrong line or that there were no hopes of leaving that day or any time in the near future.

It is easy to say that I would stay calm and it would be ok.  That is easy to say if it is not you.  Only being in the moment could really predict how I would handle it.

What are your thoughts.

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