Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Storybook House–Window Boxes.

Life in America is always interested in looking at different family neighborhoods in different parts of the country.  Here locally most of the houses have no shutters and none have a window box.  There are some areas around that have shutters and siding but none of them have window boxes .  That is just the way the houses look in the area where we live.

Last year, however, we went to some of the New England states.  While we were  there we visited some areas where the homes looked like large doll houses and all of them had some sort of window box planters or garden window boxes.  Many had window flower boxes on every window.  It almost felt like we were in a story book.  It was neat, beautiful and very interesting.

So, as you see it seems to be the part of the country that you are in that gives the houses a distinct and different flavor and style.  What style is your house?  Is yours pristine and story book looking or is it just a simple house in a simple neighborhood?

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