Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Knife Depot

Life in America knows the importance of a knife.  Yes, knives are a part of America.  There are such knives as the bowie knife and in those days almost everyone had a knife on their side.  Davy Crockett carried a knife.  Jim Bowie carried a knife.  Yes, in the stories and pictures of the early days of America everyone carried a knife.

Well, in the southern part of America a knife is still important.  Most people do not carry one on their belt but most men will certainly have a folding pocket knife.  The reason is that there are all kinds of reason to carry a knife.  You never know when you will have to cut something or when you might have a bear attack you and that pocket knife might be all you have.   However, the importance of a knife is also seen in many people and especially in military is the tactical knife .  They will usually have these on there person when on duty.  They are important.  Another knife is just any old knife that many people use which is just a plain fixed blade knife.

The question is are you a real American and do you have a great need for a great knife.  Guess where you might go to find what you are interested in.

Just my thoughts on knives.

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